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  2. Goodmorning🌼




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  4. It is a bad day.. a very bad day.

  5. ohayo ... 🤗

    1. Ice


      Hello Sky is the Limit

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  7.  Coffee makes me happy. 😊 #GoodMorning🌞

  8. Hello miloves tara na hehehe

  9. You have to be ODD to be number One. Goodnight 

  10. Every love story is beautiful But ours is my favorite♥♥♥happy weekend.....

  11. I'm poor and neglected by the State, so definitely more Filipino than you

  12. Bright side up! Hello Sky! Kumusta ka na? Ok na operation mo? Welcome back 👍 dami ka fans dito sa Stars!
  13. 32 oz binili ko na plain yogurt so marami pa natitira at pwede ako mag experiment. May cashew na ako dito. Try ko blackberries next dahil madali sya e crush. Yougurt at konting cereal lang ang breakfast ko sa umaga kaya ako slim. I try to keep my weight dun sa tama sa height ko.
  14. Diba i told you ganyan po ginagawa ko kysa buy ka ng flavored yogurt try berries you can put some nuts pistachio or cashew
  15. Knina pa ko nakikipag chismisan haha 12hours na pala ko hindi nag breakfast lunch merienda then now dinner. Bigla ko na crave sa Saba....
  16. good afternoon dear🤍❤️🤍❤️


  17. Salted caramel cold brew with cloud foam...not recommended. Half the cup is sweet foam.
  18. To motivate myself before workout I watch Youtube training videos like this one


  19. I was 21 when i met you, you were 37. I fell in love with you and you said you loved me too. It was too late when i found out you were married. I had to let you go of course. If you were single, i never would have let you go. I never stopped loving you. From time to time, i still think of you. I tell myself, if only... Now im 39, you would be 55 now. I hope you had a good life. 18years have passed and i still hold our good memories in my heart. Once again, if only you were free...
  20. God is going to give u more than you prayed for.BELIEVE IT...

    1. Aorie


      Super book  is a nice one...watch it

  21. DON'T take a woman for granted...♥♥♥

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