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  2. Still an active player. We have an active community in Cubao / Anonas just beside TIP. It's called The Nook. All formats are welcome, for EDH majority of the players are Thursdays and Saturdays.
  3. i followed you in IG pero afraid to engage pa hehe

  4. eto type ko natural filipina beauty

  5. looking for reco budget hotel for family of 5... pass sa bnb
  6. anybody watched Shameless... try it its very good sa una parang mehh... pero umabot din ng 10 seasons eto kasi maganda
  7. I was wondering how other people able to lock their account for others not able to view them. tried almost every tutorial in youtube but it doesn't work now or the option itself is not available
  8. japan's Ginger Highball Ginger ale + Whiskey (Suntory or JD)
  9. tied US Spicy Chicken of Popeyes and Wendy's Baconator
  10. Lawnmower Man Jonny Mnemonic and Matrix those movie really influenced me on Computer field. Its just so awesome to see the movie ideas before become a reality today little by little
  11. Pilot Speed - Alright Sarach McLachlan - Angel (in the arms of an angel)
  12. Hi as an owner of a car from 1 of the top Chinese cars in the market today (MG). I would like to get everyone's oppinion about new cars. I'll start about my experience. actually it took 8 months of reading articles, watching youtube reviews of almost all cars of 2022 from Autodeal, Philkotse, TopGearPH, RIT and many more before I came up with my top choices. 1. Geely Coolray Sports SE 2. Ford Territory (1st version) 3. Honda BRV 4. Toyota Raize 5. MG ZST Trophy criteria was - more airbags and other safety feat - 360 camera - sunroof - trunk space - overall design - and most important, lowest MA from a 300k downpayment (coz thats all I had that time haha) and so Geely Coolray and MG ZST was the last option until the WIFE saw the "cute" Blue MG ZST review of Angie Mead King.
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  14. Banana Ketchup + Chili Garlic!!!
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