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  2. To answer the question: used to, until I moved to Bohol. We have a Monopoly set in my place in San Juan, and every now and then me and my siblings would play Monopoly with each other...
  3. Heto SiPrinceAli!
    Dumating SiPrinceAli!


    Yes, Dorothy: ako SiPrinceAli, and I serve as a moderator in a forum completely different from this one, with PG-13 restrictions and a global reach. That is why when someone is erecting a pillar of salt over staff policy, I just SMFH. I do this mainly because I can somehow relate with forum staff; every forum has its resident malcontents, after all.

  4. century tuna, ligo and 555 sardines + reno liver spread
  5. Today
  6. Today, give yourself a break! (let me help you! hihihi)

    Happy Sunday madlang people! Muuaahh ❤️❤️❤️

  7. H2o,chia,fresh mint,lemon... try it guys..
  8. My god i like it.Thankyou for sharing.. im thinking my bpi mobile notify me. Last two days ago.. they have bpi MC maintenance on 26 of January 2021 12am to 3am.. what you think... it is related?? 🧐🤔
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