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  2. Just got laid hahahahha kimochiiii

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      Whats your IG ? Thanks

  3. 1st dose - Moderna (May/2021) 2nd dose - Moderna (June/2021) Booster - Moderna (January/2022)
  4. Dubai, UAE. Around 5 years. January 2008 to November 2013. Yearly round trip ticket provided by employer.
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  6. been here in KSA for 8 years last vacation to philippines last nov. 2019
  7. Another weird and vivid dream thay i dont want to forget but i will It started with me working and the internet went down. So i took my laptop and a makeshift table, went up a post and hooked myself up directly sa cable internet and started working. Not minding the uncomfortable position or that im physically defying the laws of physics Then i heard someone call my name, i looked down(because im still propped up in a post) and it was my ex. My first bf actually. I went down the post and we talked and i asked him if he has internet. He did and so we went to his house. After that, he took me back to my house and we rekindled our relationship. For some reason, he and i attended this party where couples need to ask each other 5 very personal questions. Next scene was apparently, we are now living together but we were fighting because i never asked him to go to any comic cons.. and i told him it is because ive never attended one and he changed into this drag queen and he said if you love me, we'll go to the comic con in LA because lady gaga is going to be there.
  8. Follow me in Instagram guys

  9. Still have my cards , although already selling some. Kakamiss, kahit wala ng DCI Rewards. Last Time I played in a sanction tourney was wayback 2011. Ngayon kasi EDH and Extended ang Laruan , before kasi madami pang nag Momodern kaso medyo kumorny na kasi labas nung ibang expansions, wala na ung mga artist before.. And I still liked it nung may stacks pa. Now kasi damage deal agad.. Those were the days. Sana maging active ulit community neto.
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    Eleven days in to 2022 and Im also on day 11 of my quarantine. Yes, I tested positive for that dreadful COVID, along with the rest of my family. What a way to start the year huh? I hope this is the worst of 2022 because the end of 2021 hasn't been too good to my heart. My heart was broken during the holidays. This time around, I won't wait anymore.
  11. Hello Good day! Baka may hiring po sainyo 😞 I'll dm my cv po. Yung natanggap ng no experience but willing to learn. From Bacoor po ako. Can travel hanggang pasay/manila kasi one ride lng nman ng bus. Thankyouuuu

  12. Coffee, black tea or green tea. I am avoiding drinking softdrinks and iced tea.
  13. Because I didn’t want a long distance relationship. Because we realized too late that we just weren’t compatible.
  14. I’m really sorry for breaking up with you. I was immature and didn’t know at the time that those feelings were real. I hope you’re living your best life.
  15. This. You come into the relationship probably because you were attracted by something superficial - their appearance, their kindness, their life choices - but ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to continue the relationship after you get to know the person. Do you wish to see their smile next to you every morning of every day? Do you worry when they get sick? Do you want to cheer them up when they’re feeling down? Do you wish to support them in whatever they do? That’s love. A continuing commitment.
  16. The new season just started. Make sure you got the new Terizla skin. Oh, and Edith - the new tank hero too!
  17. September 29, I just finished Grey's Anatomy Season 2. The show will stop airing in Netflix by tomorrow. I've finished up to Season 10 since. I'm glad I gave this show another chance. I loved it.
  18. Are artificial sweeteners really helpful?
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