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  3. Started chatting with someone over a dating app. He thinks im such a great catch. Then he asked me, "You are smart, and funny. You like sports, you like gaming. You are independent. You got your shit figured out. How come such a great girl like you remained single for this long?"

    When i was in my 20s, i would answer Im career-focused and men will still pursue 

    Now, i just answered him, "Maybe because Im fat". 

    He asked,"How fat?" 

    I answered, "like xxl fat".

    Within a few minutes, ive been unmatched.

    Now, im on a diet. Been doing this for 3 weeks now. Not on a diet to get guys though. On a diet because i want to wear a crop top shirt again. 

    1. Nightwriter


      @Sofia I hope you'll find the right man for you, why stick with 'national' when you can  go ' international' ? Have you tried going out on a date with an American or a European? There  are a lot of good men out there, filipino man or not. 

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  5. Wala na namang tulog...being overworked. Hahahaha but im enjoying it somehow

  6. Last played around 2008-ish. Legacy and Modern. Tried to start Pauper din a few years back kaso tinamad.
  7. I miss your morning kisses when you kiss me on my cheek and lips every morning.

  8. Dinner. Soft taco tuna and marble potato, corn and mushrooms.
  9. its been a while

  10. Earlier
  11. Stressed. I need sugar and carbs. But im sticking with this diet. 

  12. 2 capsules of activated charcoal. Ewan, seems to work fine naman
  13. Ice Cold C2 Apple. Hot Shower tapos marming tulog☺️
  14. Dinner: stir fried veggies with chicken breast and cauliflower rice
  15. Lunch... Forgot to take a pic when it was still pretty. Soft tortilla taco with lettuce, shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, tuna, and egg. Prepared it myself. Accomplishment un since i dont cook.
  16. Beautiful sunset by the beach. So relaxing.
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