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  2. the cost of living is getting higher by the year. and maintenance items like mes are going up.
  3. yes, at kailangan kayanin. some would say mali gawa ko and echetera echetera. alam natin na may sadyang taong pinagpalad at iba hindi. ibat-iba........ parin
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  5. Morning universe! 😘


    1. phlip24


      Very pretty Ms @Boss babe 🙂 🌻

    2. Boss babe

      Boss babe


  6. Socially Inept Person Seeking Instant Personality. AKA SIPSIP!

  7. Yesterday
  8. It can feel stupid to ‘be real’ especially in business and career relationships. It’s best not to listen to the voice that tells you to be someone you’re not.

    1. just_checking


      Kinda hard "to be real" and progress in a career that is trying to tell you and mold to be someone you are not...

    2. phlip24


      Better to understand what you to listen to and what not to. Sometimes the message is correct but the delivery is wrong.

  9. To play, or, not to play? That, is, the question. (Channeling my inner William Shatner)


  10. Hi C. Unicorn! It’s called Growtopia. You can download this on the App store.
  11. hello po..padaan lang


  12. If you're a safe (slow and boring) driver like me, you'd feel like you're just throwing away every year on a car insurance. What's your car insurance? How much are you paying every year?
  13. The internet has all the answers. Any first-hand experience with actually being a vegetarian? I tried it when I was in high school, my father said it was a good decision, encouraged me. You can be a vegetarian at 15, I did, I was in charge of the kitchen. Walang komontra hehe.
  14. What website do you use to download free stuff? No porn please.
  15. It's Thursday and I already need a drink.

  16. I need this.. i love broccoli. Unfortunately, lunch is left over kfc famous bowl a.k.a. mashed potato with some chicken and corn.
  17. Last week
  18. Sometimes, if you have nothing NICE to say

    Shut the hell up😭

  19. Kaya nga its fun in the Philippines anything as in anything goes or no go hahaha
  20. Contents here will be submitted to Elon Musk, so make it count! 🙂 So, what is a Filipino? Wikipedia has that covered. Is there a need to bring the Filipino culture to Mars? What for? Does humanity need a brown skinned, medium-sized humanoid? What are Filipinos good at? What unique Filipino culture/trait will help humans as whole progress in Mars and beyond? Or, are Filipinos just good for the Martian Preserve? The Martian Preserve is a concept I just though of now. Similar to how humans protect endangered species in Madagascar. In Mars there will be a protected area where different h
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