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  3. Last shift for today!!! 

    Wala ba magyayaya ng inuman dyan? 🤦


  4. Anyone here still playing this old game?
  5. new anime Winter 2023, looks promising to me. What do you think about it?
  6. QAZAR

    Another ordinary day

    its almost a year now, "Quo Vadis?"
  7. Same here, lost a 10kg in 3 months for a certain wedding. After that though, lost all control then rebound the same weight in 2 weeks period.
  8. Earlier
  9. Prevention is best. The target year of competion of test for approval of the vaccine for cancer is 2023. We will just have to wait.
  10. Empafliglozin 10 mg once a day. The medicine also helps in heart remodelling lessening your chances of dying with heart attack. You are prone to fungal infection though as you will be peeing sugar, thus lowering your blood sugar.
  11. For those who can't be faithful or are into an altrrnative lifestyle, there is pre exposure prophylaxis. Just ask a clinic or a DOH OPD section about it.
  12. Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I did not expect that there are still nice green areas in that part.
  13. Airbnb in Subic. You will experience the beauty of staying in a tropical forest with occasional large reptilies and birds.
  14. Ozempic works well for weight loss but costs around 7000 plus. It also needs to be tapered slowly before discontinuing.
  15. Shampoo bar, conditioner bar, facewash, quality comb, shaver
  16. worth it. A fender bender can cost 5 digits or even 6. Magkano lang insurance.
  17. Looking for kainuman near sitel OJV/Technopoint with my officemates. 



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