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  1. theoneandonlymistressmia Posted 04 June 2017 - 07:56 AM It's not that women are gold diggers. But some women want men who are responsible enough to provide for their future. Bakit kami kukuha ng bato na ipupukpok sa ulo namin? We want security instead of boy who only work because they are broke. Some women want someone with dream and ambition not someone who is contented with low to average pay cheques. Remember the saying love is not enough? Its true. As for my case, my husband works for me. Wag mong lahatin. Nowadays may mas pakinabang pa mga babae kesa sa mga lalaki. Sorry to say that.
  2. *Jessie* Posted 01 June 2017 - 01:14 AM 1. We love to be wooed. Don't just play safe. Play hard. That is the problem with this digital age. All is easy. Even sex is digital. We lose the value of playing the long game and building human connections. We love to feel that your focus is just boxed on us. Don't play safe. Some can sense if you are not really investing. 2. We love men with a plan. Not boys who keep on waiting for the right moment.We love it when u plan certain occasions but most importantly, we love it when you have long term plans. It is important for us to see that a man has vision for his future and not just going with the flow. 3. We love men who are fit or at least physically healthy. When we first met you as fit and lean, then you gradually get fat during the relationship, we understand it is cute as this ie like the couple kind of thing where you dine out most of the time and all ur bonding times are usually on eating. But we'd still love it if you keep your shape in check. After all,a man who can carry us in his arms is an attractive man. 4. Stop talking too much. Yes, we love it when our man is open to us during his times when he feels drained but please, keep it moderate, make your point and stop blabbering too much about it. 5. We love men who can spend for us not because we are gold diggers and users but we love it when a man can provide. We feel pampered and loved. We love to be treated like a princess but most of us dismiss the idea because we have this mentality that it is "too much to ask". 6. We love a man who loves to go down. There is nothing more pleasing than a man who makes us feel desirable by going down a loooooot. Not all girls will tell you they want you to go down. So go down a lot. 7. We love a man who can hold it longer. We finish a lot longer than you do. So learn to hold it and keep us really satisfied. Most of the time, you will know that your girl is satisfied is when either she asks you if you are not near yet or she keeps getting so clingy and sweet with you after doing it and while you're resting.
  3. Ephemeral Posted 29 May 2017 - 12:38 PM This is actually a good read for those who are dating women who are too shy to say what they want or think that men are mind-readers. Let us assume that you are. I think the first step to understanding these kind of women is to LISTEN bold and CAPITALIZED. And no, not in the polite nodding-head-while-looking-at-her-boobs-and-mentally-undressing-her kind of way, which you have been doing since you discovered porn. Listen to everything she says with words and behind the words (aka body language). Non-verbal cues are the universal language of the soul. Understanding what they really mean can determine whether she likes you enough to say yes to a dinner date, a kiss, eventually charm her pants off, or meet her parents. OK so, here are some personal "wants" that some women aren't telling you (at some point in my life I've been this kind of woman). We want compliments but don't overdo it. Of course, we take essential care of our physical appearance, we studied for a presentation, we are nice to our family and friends. We don't want you to put us on a pedestal but be sincere and subtle. We want to know that you appreciate what we do. We want you to look good for us. Don't get me wrong, I support the "be who you are" and "inner beauty lasts longer" banalities. We don't want a Brad Pitt but please, do wear pants on the first date, comb that hair, or trim that beard. Put some effort. I will consider dating you if you are earning for a living. Yes, its called adulting. i have a job and I spend money for my own or my family. I'm not about to adopt you. Money isn't everything and you don't have to be filthy rich but at least be able pay for your own coffee. We want you to be sweet on special occasions. Flowers on first date? Not bad. Trying to be a cutie patootie on our first monthsary? Awww, you remembered. Additional makeout points LOL Chivalry is still not dead. I don't want to be Tits McGee and womansplain things to you. I'm sure you know that women love to be on equal footing with men but opening that door, or making sure I sit first, or asking for my permission if I want to go to a certain place is so endearing! It makes us feel valued as a human being even though we sure hell can do those on our own.
  4. DaChosen1 Posted 21 April 2006 - 01:41 PM Blind Date - I may have a few scripted plans for different scenarios. However, I usually let it fly spontaneously and be myself. So far, none of my blind dates ended on that one date. - Try to fish for something to talk about. I ask questions and just listen. My biggest assets---I'm a listener, I keep eye contact at all times, and smile a little bit but not too much. - If I can feel that the date will be the first and last because we do not click at all, we may not talk much about anything. First date with someone I kind of know: - Same tactics as above though much relaxed. Friendship is my first goal; get to know the girl more beyond what I already know. Hobbies, families, about their friends, and most of all about themselves are always excellent topics. I make sure the girl feels at ease with me and sense that I’m interested in really knowing about her.
  5. Originally Posted by skitz on 22 June 2007 - 11:26 AM I like women who are a little awkward. You know, those girls who are suffering from the ugly-duckling syndrome. I don't know. I just don't like women who are full of it, I guess. But hey, when I say a little awkward, I emphasize A LITTLE... iba na ang usapan kung inferiority complex na.
  6. Originally Posted by _Honey_ on 22 June 2007 - 08:50 AM goatee piercings no tatttoos please. dark skinned guys, tisoys intimidate me most of the time cowboy attitude inclined to a musical instrument, usually guitar or drums tall and broad-shouldered guys suplado and misteryoso type those who smoke pero may "sweet tooth" someone who watches cartoons and animes black shirt and kupas na maong "rugged" look. guys who have good diction. i love how their "s" sounds whenever they speak
  7. Originally Posted by Saeki on 17 June 2007 - 07:38 PM taller than me (i'm 5'5) mabango ang leeg (i really dont know y!!!!) mas maitim sakin maganda ang paa
  8. Originally Posted by Aquaenogma on 17 June 2007 - 01:29 AM thick eyebrows, deep kinda sleepy eyes deep voice long hair-artistic kinda "ermitanyo" look child-like laughter ticklish men
  9. Originally Posted by Larry on 16 June 2007 - 01:00 AM What are some of the more unusual things that you find attractive, I'm talking unusual here so answers with eyes, lips etc are not allowed: I'll start: chicks with weird noses. Not screwed up noses just oddly shaped ones that on its own is unattractive but somehow fits perfectly with her face. Cooky Chua's nose for example. Chicks with a slight overbite. Kolehiyala sounding chicks or chicks that don't know how to make the hard "R" sound Heels Small dainty feet with naturally pink toenails. Biters. Chicks who bite their nails, hair, pen, etc., especially when they're thinking. Real smooth armpits Chicks who embarrass easily and give a naive sort of smile when you say something obscene or naughty. Sweaty chicks who still appear poised no matter what. White shirt and jeans. Women who can dance. not just sway around, but really shake that booty. Especially women who can salsa. Rocker chicks. with dark eyeliner and black nails. Geek girls. girls who can debate on whether or not Luke Skywalker was a true Jedi.
  10. What Do You Talk About On Your First Date? Leonardo007 Posted 22 April 2006 - 02:15 AM its always better if you at least have an inkling on your date's interest... kung wala... well... why not make it the topic of your conversation... you could probably try checking if your interests are the same as the other, or something like that ? oh, and it may also help not to think too much about everything being a date... talk casually... marami namang pwedeng maging topic sa mundo diba? kung wala talaga, try doing something which would not require you to talk much... like watching movies or watching live band performances... what ever the case, always remember to keep your ears open. hindi lang ikaw ang gustong magpakilala ?
  11. FleurDeLune Posted 28 May 2017 - 11:56 PM Let’s get back to basic, guys. Supposing you're not aware of any overture in the list yet. Or maybe if you're lucky enough, you did experience and surpassed any awkwardness, which might have resulted to undesirable savoir-faire, while you were still in the early stage of "getting-to- know" her / him. Having said that, I want you to share your experience in this thread (if there's any, that is). Thank you and have fun. It isn’t your imagination. We women don’t always tell you exactly what we want. Even though we won’t always spell out exactly what we want from you, as sometimes we don’t even realize what we want at first, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the dark. There’s a linear, logical way to shed light on what women want when it comes to approaching, flirting, and getting a woman’s number. Today, I’m going to share with you how to essentially read a woman’s mind in these crucial areas so you can know what she wants, without her actually saying it to you. There are four things you should never expect a woman to tell you. Might she tell you? Sure, but if you expect it, you’re shorting her and yourself a potentially great connection. Don’t expect a woman to say, “Approach me now.” Even if she wants it, she’s not likely to go over and tell you. Does she want to be approached by everyone? No, only by men she feels at least comfortable around, if not attracted to. As long as you’re chill, that’s you! Even if she’s not attracted to you, and even if she has a boyfriend, she’ll still be flattered. Here’s how to approach her and make sure it lands the right way. Go with an attitude of, “I’m just going to say ‘hi.’ Whatever happens is great. If she responds negatively, then either (A) she’s not as nice as she looks, ( she’s having a bad night, or © I came off wrong because I’m still learning how to approach well.” That’s all. Those are the three options. Notice that not one of those is, “Oh, I guess I’m inherently unattractive!” None of those three options is deeply personal. The first is about her, the second is situational, and the third is about skill-level, which is always improvable. A great example of this kind of approach is when one client of mine was out with friends at a club recently and saw a group of girls dancing. He noticed one he felt especially attracted to and said to his friend, “I’m going to go talk to her.” His friend said, “Girls in groups don’t like that. You’ll be bothering her.” What? No. Not a helpful modus operandi. Happily, my client wasn’t fazed. He remembered what we worked on, and he said to his friend, “Well, I’ll go over there and find out!” Total badass. He approached her, and she was into him. She broke away from her friend group, and they had an amazing night together. She was even in town for a little while, and they ended up seeing each other several times! Don’t expect a woman to tell you HOW to approach. Instead, you can do what my awesome client did: Before you walk out of the house, remember why you’re attractive. Feel good about yourself by reflecting on times women were warm and responsive to you. Remember why women are attracted to you, the compliments they’ve given you. Dress well, and look good. The better you can look before you walk out the door, the more attractive you look and feel. Wear a crisp collared shirt that fits you well. Be clean, well-groomed, and smell good. These are very basic things that women notice a LOT, so pay close attention there. Warm up. Be generally social before talking to a woman you’re attracted to. Talk to other people like your friends, the bartender, and maybe a dude at the bar. This way, when you do approach, you’re warmed up already. See who you naturally feel drawn to. When you get to your venue, notice who you feel attracted to. Notice that your attraction is not just sexual towards physical looks alone. Your attraction to her is also to her vibe, as her personality naturally shows through her appearance in what she’s wearing and her facial expression. Be present to that. This helps you know that you are not being creepy. Position yourself closer to her in the room. By positioning yourself closer to her before approaching, you’re not making a direct beeline. Because you’re already nearby and you’ve been talking with other folks, it looks and feels more natural for both of you. As you approach, be open. Be open and curious to see how things unfold. This is a consistent point my most successful clients follow. Don’t expect anything; just be open to whatever you find as the dynamic begins. You are there to see what happens. You can think of yourself as a detective who’s gathering clues about her and how she feels. Say something relevant. If it’s a dancing venue, you could ask her to dance. If not, you could say something about the environment, asking her how she knows the host, mentioning something about what she’s drinking. Start talking like you know her, something short and laid back. If you want to be more intense, you can compliment her. As long as you steer clear of complimenting her boobs or ass directly, it will come across well. Don’t expect a woman to tell you, “I like you being here,” or, “I want you to leave.” To know this, you must read her well. Ask yourself based on her body language, “Does she want me to stay or go? For that matter, do I like her? Do I want to stay or go?” Watch her body language. Read her body language during her conversation. Her body will tell you whether she is open to you or not. Is her torso opening towards you or closed off from you? Is she relaxed or tense? Is she breathing deeply or holding her breath? The former in all these cases are signs she wants more of you, and the latter are signs she’s uncomfortable and not into it. Whatever feedback you get isn’t personal. It’s just information on how well you’ve read her, how developed you are in that particular skill at this point in time. Respond accordingly. If she’s not into talking with you after a few minutes, you can say pleasantly, “Hey, it was great talking to you. Enjoy your night!” If it wasn’t a long conversation at all, then you can tell her in a laid-back way, “Enjoy your night!” I’ve had clients who had women so surprised that they were so chill about it, that the women changed their minds when my clients got up to leave and said, “Wait, don’t go!” Don’t expect a woman to say, “Get my number now.” If you are having a great connection, incorporating flirtatious touch, and there is no mention of a boyfriend, she wants you to get her number. She won’t say, “Ask for my number now.” She wants you to get it. Here’s how: Plant a seed of seeing her again. While you’re talking, mention seeing her again. If you’re talking about a venue already, you can say, “It would be fun to take you there!” Planting a seed warms her up to the idea. Get her number. When you get her number, pull out your phone as you’re in conversation with her, and say, “Hey, let me get your number.” Then open your phone to the text screen and hand her the phone. By doing that, you’re taking care of it. If she doesn’t want to give you her number, she won’t. If you don’t offer, though, you’ll never know. When you’re aware of these things that women want but won’t tell you, everything gets easier. Instead of feeling presumptuous, you know that as long as you’re getting warm vibes and responsiveness from her, you’re actually doing exactly what she likes. It’s a win-win, and it eliminates drama of wondering whether you should do this or that, going back and forth in your mind. Knowing what to do and what to look for means you will finally be able to connect with women in a way we want to be connected with, and you will be handsomely rewarded for it. Source: www.nicknotas.com
  12. How long does the feeling of being "in love" last? What keeps the relationship going after the feeling of being "in love" wanes?
  13. Do you let your partner read your private messages? Please don't forget to answer the survey, thanks!
  14. Thread started by K0RN - RETIR3D on 16 March 2019 - 10:39 PM Whether moving on from a Failed Relationship. Whether moving on after being Rejected. Whether moving on after finding out that He/Shes been cheating on you. Moving on is really hard and painful. Sometimes it gives you scars for you to realize that there are things that arent meant for you. Ive been there. Ive done that. When will I feel this again? Only time can tell.
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