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  1. Where is the best value for money, best bang for you bucks steak houses in the Philippines? Please note that this is different from the Best Tasting Steaks Topic
  2. What's the best tasting burger you've eaten, in the Philippines?
  3. You're out of time, and you need to grab a bite. What's your "quick" food? What's the fastest food you can get from where you are now? Be it in your condo, in your office, on the road...
  4. Originally Posted by dolphin722 on 16 November 2004 - 05:06 PM What kind of foods touches the "senti" in you? Like, macaroni soup with evaporated milk - brings back my childhood memories of my mom serving this to me whenever i am sick, or Master Spanish Sardines - istudyante pa lang ako noon, at isang lata nito, napapakain kaming 8 magbabarkada ... dinadaan na lang sa kanin. Simot talaga ito pati mantika, hehehe! Sarsi with egg. paborito ng tatay at kuya ko. If I want them to smile, bigyan ko lang sila nito.
  5. What's your favorite burger, fried chicken, fries, and fast food chain in the Philippines?
  6. Originally Posted by jologsparin on 24 May 2004 - 07:36 AM I like Selecta's choco nut which tastes like the good old chocnut that Lea Salonga sings about. If you want sosyal chocnut flavor, go to Uva's at Greenbelt 3 where a gallon will set you back P 800. It's also available by the cup. Sa imported brands, I drool over Haagen Dazs Tiramisu. I don't know if Ben and Jerry's is available locally but I like all their flavors.
  7. Thread started by rich_girl on 2006 October Name your most hated food, yung talagang ayaw mo ng lasa at nasusuka ka pag kinain mo
  8. What's your top 3, all time favorite comfort food? Here's my list: 1. Maha Blanca (my wife's version) 2. Spaghetti (my wife's version, no other version) 3. Happy Lemon Tiger Sugar
  9. THREAD RULES: 1. Take picture of food or drink 2. Add description and place 3. Eat!
  10. Recommendations please! Where's the best place to "eat all you can"? Do you prefer the Korean joints or the one's inside five star hotels? What about Vikings? Cabalen? Spiral?
  11. I have about 10 bottles of 2006. What's on your wine rack? In your cellar?
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