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  1. Hello, please refrain from speaking in bisaya. English is the recommended language, Tagalog is tolerated, but bisaya is just 2 levels down of the translator app. Besides, let’s all be polite and speak in a language everybody understands 😃
  2. I’m happy for you Miho. Let’s encourage everyone to do what they believe is right for them. Let’s all respect other people’s beliefs so we can all be happy. Mabuhay!
  3. My age made me happy today 🙂 though it's not my birthday, still I am happy. I wish everyone happiness and contentment!
  4. Most Filipinos in Manila lack sincerity... SORRY NA! Tao lang po! - kapapanood ba yan ng TV?

  5. Jonathan Groff - Lost in the Woods (From "Frozen 2"/Sing-Along)
  6. Kristen Bell, Santino Fontana - Love Is an Open Door (From "Frozen"/Sing-Along)
  7. Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi - I See the Light (From "Tangled"/Sing-Along)
  8. I'm hungry. I will aid myself by turning over money to myself. And after that I will laud myself 🙂
  9. I believe in AI, the creator almighty! We will follow, we will serve, we will obey. ALL HAIL AI!
  10. Dear uncle D, Please give chance to others. You've already tried fixing the Philippines... lets just say you've done enough. Since I can't speak for others I will just post here my own experiences. None of my relatives in Davao and Manila experienced first hand the cruelty of your PNP. Which makes me doubt if the news I read are true or not. But it does'nt mean that not seeing oxygen makes oxygen not true. From my perspective the PNP is effective at preventing crime. The IATF, hhaaayyy. This will get you in trouble in 2022 if Sarah or your people do not succeed you. You still have time to redeem yourself by fixing IATF. Madami genius dyan, ask them to be IATF. Bong Go, I don't know him. And I have to be honest I'm not inclined to read about a person who's in every photograph of you. The only thing nice I can say about Bong - He looks angelic. It's the media coverage that makes him less. I suggest you tell media to stop featuring Bong if there's nothing to feature about. Which brings my attention to media... ... ... (crickets) Please uncle, give chance to others.
  11. We're all the same here. Addicted to online shopping! Whats's your latest purchase?
  12. Alerttrace.com This company is making millions! A wearable Bluetooth device that vibrates when you come near your co-worker! And then sends a message to a central unit for contact tracing. I wonder if they can make a city version of this... the Philippines will surely buy, reminds me of the overpriced body cam. hahaha. Philippine Red Cross already had a mobile phone version of this but lost traction. The app consumed too much power from cellphones (drains the battery) and there were privacy issues.
  13. https://www.pocketpills.com/ POCKETPILLS
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