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  1. I knew I'd find you here. Welcome to Stars! 🙂

    1. Ermita Rojo

      Ermita Rojo

      Lol Don’t even know what I’m doing here 😅

  2. What do you think is the overall average sentiment of people in the NCR+? Yes, to free vaccines, vaccines are safe No - vaccines are not safe Depends on brand To further clarify the question, do you think the masses want the vaccines or not?
  3. Hi NamieeM, welcome to Stars! Just like I promised, i will greet you 🙂 I hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm sure the other members want to see your profile pic 🙂 upload ka ha ?

  4. I used to buy IEMs too. But the comfort is not there, for me. Every time I adjust my seating position the sound changes, and when the wires touch surfaces my ears tickle! hehe 🙂
  5. It's so easy to add friends in your friends list nowadays, but what are your personal reasons or criteria why some people are removed and some are kept in your friends list? Here is mine... Enjoyable to chat with. I don't like stressful conversations. Down to earth, honest person, not boastful Lives in another place. What's the point of chatting with your neighbor? I learn something from the person I chat with What's on your list?
  6. Di ko alam kung Babe ni Boss or Boss ka ng mga babes.  Alin ang ibig sabihin ng new name mo? 😀
    Boss’ Babe - ito kaya?

    1. Boss babe

      Boss babe

      Kht alin po dyan ang gs2 mo pwd haha!😜🤣

  7. Laptop you use 16 hours a day. Fendi bag if you go out. Unless you use the bag around the house 🙂
  8. CLOSED nanaman ang spas 😞 - built everything from scratch, wiped out by the pandemic, rebuilt in 1 month, now it's in ruins again!

  9. Thanks for the chat princess!

    1. Bratty Princess

      Bratty Princess

      Let's do this again, okay? 😇

    2. Do Better

      Do Better

      looking forward

  10. Be an example of a good person. If you can’t be an example of a good person at least be an example of a reformed person. Success in life can also be achieved by not being a difficult person to be with. Happy weekend everyone!

  11. Own your dream!

  12. Waiting for your Boracay pics 🙂

  13. @Do Better Hi.  I need help.  I created a topic and submitted it.  Then I went back to hide the topic because I wanted to edit it.  Now, I can’t find the topic I created so I can edit it.  How do I find it.  Thanks.

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