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  1. If you had 1 beauty wish from a genie, who do you want to look like?
  2. What is Your Favorite Sneaker Brand? Please don't forget to answer the survey, thanks ?
  3. One of the first health hacks you should try. Colon cleansing! Will add years to your life! It's fast, easy, and effective!
  4. The most delicious diet ever. You get to eat lechon, barbecue, roast chicken, pork chops, fish, chicken, and ALL THE STEAKS you could ever want. Pwede din Unli sa Korean joints. You've got just to try this!
  5. Easiest diet! Just boil okras, camote, beans, brocoli etc.
  6. What’s In Your Closet? - Share pics of your collections ? Lot's of lipsticks? Bags? Shirts? Watches?
  7. Tattoos - Show pictures of your tattoos. So we can appreciate the art ?
  8. Perfumes - All About Scents (Box and Bottle Pics) I know there are many people who collect perfumes out there, share with us your stash ?
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