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  1. Been away for a while. Busy making money for nothing…..
  2. Ang buong mundo e pinaluhod ng covid 19. Alam mo ba na sa lahat ng mga bansa sa buong mundo e ang daming mga matatalinong tao na pinag aralan nila ang virus na ito. Ang sinasabi mo e mas matalino ka pa sa kanilang lahat dahil naloko sila ng covid. Ano ba ebidensya mo na hysteria lang ang nangyayari? Kung sinabi ko sa yo na gawa gawa lang ito ni Mickey Mouse, maniwala ka ba? Yung only few na sinasabi e mukang sila ang bobo.. Gising na walang utak.
  3. Abracadabra cover by Arnel Pineda.
  4. Sunrise in Spain This is a book written by Theresa Fersch about her experience of hiking the Camino de Santiago. Like her, I have hiked the Camino. I have done it several times. It is, for sure, the best thing I have done for myself. Here is an excerpt from her book that explains what the Camino means to those who have done it. I thought about many things today, but as I was walking that last 10km in the afternoon heat, something hit me like lightning! I get why people do this now! I get it! So few people in the modern industrialized world have the opportunity to find out who they really are and what they are truly capable of within their lifetime. But when you push your mind, body and spirit to do something extraordinary, like hike for hundreds of miles across unfamiliar territory, you reach a level of self-awareness that is not possible in an average life. As I continued to walk today, I was met with myself again. “Oh, I remember you,” we greeted like old friends. I continued to push myself. Meanwhile there was nothing for miles. Just the road stretched before me, the crops surrounding me, and a mirage the size of Texas taunting me. I get it. This is why I’m here. This is what I was hoping for. When you slow things down and remove all the extraneous things, your perspective changes. Your life changes. Simple things become spectacular. Things you take for granted normally are appreciated, adored, loved. Every day I count my blessings. My blessings are different now. They are many. The shade of a tree, the brilliant color in flowers, the welcoming smell of a church, the energetic fist bump from a friend, the cleansing effects of rain, the head nod from a supportive local, the attention of a stray cat or dog, a piece of watermelon provided by a Camino angel, five uninterrupted minutes of privacy, a healing cry, a five-minute shower, the sight of wheat crops waving at me in the breeze, the breeze itself. These are all missed when you move too fast. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to slow life down and see how beautiful the world is. I can’t even describe it. Everyone should be able to experience the world like this. What an absolutely amazing hike today.
  5. Casa Botin in Madrid, Spain. The oldest restaurant in the world.
  6. Yung ginagawa kung pang palipas ng oras at pang tanggal ng stress e naging pang padagdag pa ng stress.  Hay bwisit...

  7. It sucks living in a quarantine hotel.  I can’t even go outside my room.  It’s like living in a prison cell.

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    2. Dodo


      No covid.  It’s part of the current arrival protocols for the Philippines.  Those who are allowed entry are required to do a 6 day quarantine at a DOH approved facility.  You take a covid test on the 6th day and if you are negative, you are free to go.

    3. Tambay ng Congress

      Tambay ng Congress

      Hoping for the best :-)

      welcome back!

    4. Dodo


      Thanks.  This quarantine process is an adventure in itself.  Being locked in a room for 6 days is something I will never forget.  Tomorrow I take the covid test and if I’m negative I get to go home.  I feel like I’m in the final stretch of a marathon.

  8. Mahigit isang taon na tayong tinatakot ni covid pero ito nakatayo at buhay pa rin. Naalala ko tuloy kanta ni elton john. I’m Still Standing.......
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