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  1. Meron ka ba viber? Kung meron PM mo sa akin.
  2. 32 oz binili ko na plain yogurt so marami pa natitira at pwede ako mag experiment. May cashew na ako dito. Try ko blackberries next dahil madali sya e crush. Yougurt at konting cereal lang ang breakfast ko sa umaga kaya ako slim. I try to keep my weight dun sa tama sa height ko.
  3. Do, will be "locking" MTC for a few hours this Friday. Heads up!

    1. Dodo


      Ok.  Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I really like Madonna because she is not afraid to speak her mind and is not apologetic about being a woman who enjoys sex. Her live performances are always top notch.
  5. @Sky I made it and tried it just now. I really liked it. The strawberries I bought were not the best. It will taste a lot better with good strawberries.
  6. Just woke up. I will try this and let you know. I have to buy strawberries.
  7. I eat probiotic yogurt every morning. I also take probiotic pills once a day usually at night.
  8. Thanks. This was a fun car to drive but I get tired of cars quickly and I needed a bigger trunk space so I bought an SUV. My older son always inherits my old car. He likes sporty cars like me. My younger son is the practical one. He likes the high gas mileage cars.
  9. Got my first dose of Moderna vaccine.  Second dose on March 25.  No side effects except for mildly stiff arm.

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    2. Dodo


      I’m in the US now.  I got it here and the one I had was from the State.  It’s by lottery from government.  The private sector (i.e. pharmacies) also offers it also on a first come first served on a reservation basis only.  I was lucky enough to have a friend who won a lottery from the State and also a reservation from the private sector.  He gave me his slot from the State.

    3. Sky


      Wow Nice!!! Cant wait we order moderna august pa arrived. 😞

    4. Dodo


      I heard johnson and johnson is due to come out and its a single dose vaccine.  I would have preferred that but beggars can’t be choosy

  10. Visiting Barceloneta beach in Barcelona like a regular tourist and running into completely naked people. Total nudity is allowed on the beach.
  11. My favorite car brand is not on the survey. Three of the last 5 cars I have owned is a Lexus. I would have bought another Lexus if they had a performance SUV in their lineup. They don’t. So, I ended up with an Audi SQ5. This was my car prior to the Audi. Picture was taken the day I picked it up from the dealer. The car is still in the family. My son drives it now.
  12. Sort of fits my life story. Not as crazy as I used to be.
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