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  1. When you stop watching gadget reviews on YouTube. You’ve lost track of the latest drone or action cameras. Ano na ba ang latest Sony camera?
  2. The sky waits for her drone. 


  3. Happy birthday Kaori!

  4. I miss going to malls and looking at people while drinking coffee. Akala ko hindi ko ma miss pero, ngayon nalulungkot ako pag naalala ko ang Megamall, and MRT na siksikan, ang Ortigas na madaming tao naglalakad... hhhaaayyyy When this pandemic is over I promise I will not complain about crowds.
  5. The new DJI FPV Drone made me happy today. 😀 Menacingly beautiful design!
  6. The anti-vaccine thinking is no longer exclusive to the elite. People are starting to prefer specific brands driving vaccine prices up. The whole world is now controlled by the banks and the pharmas. Twitter is also an example of information control.
  7. My father's dog bit me. I started not liking dogs. I used to trust them. I still wait for the day when I start to trust dogs. I used to love dogs. I have two holes in my arm, where the two top canine teeth penetrated the skin, through the fat layer. I squeezed out the bite area, blood and white fat came out of the holes. I can't remember the pain, all I see is the bite mark, and my torn heart.
  8. -80% Off SurfShark needs a copywriter with some math skills 🙂


    Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 11.13.04 AM.png

  9. The most thrilling I bought online... Insta360 One X camera from a China Lazada store. No warranty, no store reviews, the handling could have gone bad. It was the most exciting buy during my Lazada days. I waited for 2 weeks. If it gone bad I could have wasted half a month of my work salary. It was a good purchase, good product, no damage, no dents in box. The camera was original... and most of all I loved the camera, it was and still is better than the GoPro Max 360. I really enjoyed it. Bought from the same seller the underwater case and took the camera to many, many snorkeling adventur
  10. Drone 3 I got this drone on a December but never really wasnt able to fly it outside. I live in the city and I don't want to fly over people and houses. I was only able to fly this on a January. On my first high speed pass I flew straight to a tree. The props caught the small branches and stopped the motors. The drone fell straight to the concrete pavement and broke the front part of the nose and the camera. That was on the first battery, within 3 minutes of maiden flight. I had to send in for repairs and I had to wait until April. Totally missed the family March summer vacation, drats! G
  11. But I'm a stats guy. How do we move forward with this discussion? If you disarm me by calling my numbers baseless, ano pa pag uusapan natin?You were triggered when I said that conspiracy theorists magnified insignificant data to further their cause. Let's start from there. Don't forget that conspiracy theorists said that exact same thing to pharmas during the start of the pandemic. It's nothing but common flu, the big pharmas are magnifying insignificant data to scare people. At this point you have to come up with the 1% to prove the fact that 65.6 million are in danger of dying (because of th
  12. Look at real sheeps. They know nothing, they are content when there is grass, ignorance is bliss. The majority of the world is like that. Not everyone is like you and me. You study stuff and cure people. I study statistics and present it to people for them to realize truth. Nobody is calling you a doomsday prophet, nobody is calling you a fake healer. I understand the ridicule you and your kind of people go through in forums and social media, that's why you are sensitive about these topics. But this is neutral ground. You don't have to call people sheeps when they don't think like you do. We'r
  13. I love DU30 but I will not vote for anyone in his camp anymore. I think the PH will vote for the mainstream politicians again. Much like what happened in the US.
  14. Free to travel and free to do business OK. Free not to be tested and free decision not being vaxxed OK. What's not OK is calling sheep the people who have different views from the conspiracy theorists in an enlightened and free-thinking community. Can we agree to disagree? So we can proceed with posting information about covid? Going back to the numbers. The conspiracy theorists are sure having a hard time disproving the fact that out of 65.6 million only an insignificant number are having side effects. It's not even 1% (650,000 in the news) add to the fact that old people with already co
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