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  1. I will stay with you until the rays come through 


  2. The name of the drug is Semaglutide (generic name). Brand names are Ozempic and Rybelsus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semaglutide There's also a version that can be taken orally.
  3. There’s now a weekly injected prescription drug that reduces appetite resulting in 20% weight loss in a span of months. Weight reduction is comparable to weight reduction procedures such as liposuction. Here’s the link
  4. Your life before the pandemic struck. What do you miss most? Do any moments stand out to you? Do you have any videos or photos that you want to share? Is there anything from your pre-pandemic life that you feel you took for granted? Are there things that you might appreciate more after the pandemic ends? I'm teary-eyed actually.
  5. The first photo is Begonia, the second photo is Adenium or Desert Rose
  6. Fresh carrot juice for the weekend! Let's all be nice to our bodies by consuming healthy stuff.
  7. Hi @mooijace It's very common in my backyard. After the flowers bloom they just fall to the ground and become a new tree again.
  8. celery juice with green apple and lemon
  9. Mushrooms from a nearby fallen tree, just sharing the pic coz I find it mesmerizing 😃
  10. Tomato juice on a lazy afternoon
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