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  1. A Few Good Men Starring Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise
  2. What Is a Game Streaming Service? You play your favorite game using a powerful computer that's located on a server farm in another part of the world. Game streaming lets you remotely access hardware on the service's servers. You use a client to log into a powerful PC over the internet, and the games you play run on that PC instead of your own hardware. The client simply provides a live feed of the video and audio coming from the server hardware, and sends all of your inputs to that server to translate into gaming commands. Essentially, you're controlling a computer that isn't in front of you, and seeing everything that computer displays.
  3. Still... World of Warcraft . . . . Just kidding 🙂 I play Overwatch
  4. Do you find yourself answering this question every social occasion? What's the best answer to this? Moving out necessary? If I'm Filipino, is that a reason to be with my parents?
  5. Posted by Kizmet on 30 September 2003 - 12:34 PM Well i don't really believe in ghost untill i experienced one - personal encounter actually! One dear friend of mine, whom I consider my soulmate died a few years back.. We were friends for more than 10 years. Almost a year of not hearing from him I got an overseas call from my female best friend (who introduced Patrick, my soulmate, to me) and told me that Patrick died of Cardiac Arrest. More than the pain of loosing my friend, it was much painful for me having heard the news about his sickness from somebody else. In my thoughts I talked to him, Itold him.. "you are just so unfair!!!!! you used to call me whenever you have problems... I thought we both believe we are soulmates??.. " and even call him "coward!!!!" for I believe when he was in the ER he has 2 choices - to live or to die, in which I believe he chose to die to run away from his many problems. I told him I'll never forgive him unless he'll talk to me... That same night I dreamt of him talking to me and asking for an apology.. I told him, this is impossible you are now dead.. then he said why don't you open your eyes.. that statement really woke me up!... I refused to open my eyes.. pero I decided to try it... I saw light.. little by little forming into human image...getting nearer and nearer where I was... I closed my eyes and felt cold... I shouted "I forgive you but I cant take much of this anymore...pleaseeeee.....!!!!! Things normalizes when I tried to open my again.... The following night I visited his wake (in Pasay), I don't usually look at coffins, but I did kasi nga friend ko sya... I talked to him and said my last goodbye..i even joked "I'll leave early, I don't have Patrick to take me home anymore.. iniwan mo na ako eh!"... When I turned my back, the lights went out...BROWN OUT! I told him "Ok ka lang Patrick??? You know I need to leave early, you know how far Cainta is from Pasay!!" I was forced to stay for a while... I am not brave enough to walk through Funeral home's hallway without lights!!!! Then came my best friend's cousin, who happened to be with somebody from Cainta, and offered me a ride...then I said "Ok ka talaga Patrick!" Coincidence or product of my imagination??? nah... i believe it was Patrick!
  6. Posted by ImRJ on 29 September 2003 - 04:53 AM mga 2 years ago, nagpunta kami nga mga kaibigan ko sa Paskuhan (sa UST). After the show was over, we decided to go somewhere else para umiom. Since lahat kami nun low budget, naisip na lang namin bumili ng toma sa 7/11 tapos hanap ng lugar. Since we were in Manila, naisip namin sa may CCP grounds. Pumwesto kami sa may tabing dagat, malapit dun sa ay floating casino dati. Hindi pa umiinit katawan namin nang may dumating na mga pulis na napa-patrol. May mga nahuli na sila so tinago na lang namin toma namin and we left. Medyo may buzz na rin kami noon kaya nagka-yayaan sa may Film Center. If you're not familiar with the place, amy dalawang driveway siya, one higher and the one lower. Our car went up the higher one tapos nag-loop sa dulo pababa sa lower. We passed by an entrance that had some things inside. Parang ginawang post ng guard kasi may desk, chairs, tapos may nakapark na bike sa isang tabi. Pagdaan namin, wala kaming nakitang guard. We parked at the lower driveway and we began surveying the place, hoping to feel any "paranormal" activity. Yung isa namin kasama open yung 3rd eye nya and he can sense the presence of any "spirits" around. Pumunta sya sa may likod ng building, the part where it was really dark. There were 7 of us that night, 2 girls and 5 boys. Sumunod kami nung isa pang kaibigan ko tapos may sumama sa amin na barkada namin na girl. The others stayed near the car. Pagkalapit namin sa friend namin na may 3rd eye, tinanong namin kung may nararamdaman siya. Nung una wala daw pero after a while, sabi niya na may mga lumalabas na daw and told us na baka mas okay kung bumalik na kami sa sasakyan. Sabi naman ng isa pa namin kasama, try daw man lang namin lumapit sa building mismo kasi parang corny yung punta namin dahil wala man lang siya naramdaman o nakita. So we decided to go ahead. Pag sinita kami nung guard, sasabihin na lang namin na arki students kami at gusto lang namin makita up-close yung building. Di na nakayanan nung girl yung kaba so she went back to the car whie the 3 of us proceeded up the first flight of steps. Now this is how it looks like. Lower driveway tapos may steps tapos driveway ulit. After that, may isa pang flight of steps tapos building na. Dun sa pangalawang driveway yung may parang guard post. We had just reached the second driveway and was about to cross when we heard a male voice coming from the guard post. "Hoy!!! Wag kayo dyan!!!" We stopped dead in our tracks. Sabi namin baka yung guard since wala talagang ibang tao doon sa lugar na yun at that time (it was already around 3 a.m.). Sabi ko lapitan na lang namin yung guard and explain our alibi (na arki nga kami). Which was indeed true.... So lapit ang mga magigiting ninyong bida. Pag tingin namin dun sa guard post, nandun nga yung guard. Ang problema, tulog na tulog at babae pa! Imposibeng sya yung sumigaw sa amin just a few seconds back. We clearly heard a man's voice pero wala ngang ibang tao sa lugar. I just felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge! Takbo na kami pabalik sa kotse. The others were laughing at us kasi narinig din daw nila yung sigaw at akala nila napagalitan kami. Pero pagkakwento namin nung nakita namin, kinabahan na in sila and we decided to leave na. Sakay kami lahat sa kotse, binuksan ng driver makina at ilaw and in front of us was a closed gate which all of us swore wasn't there a minute ago. We now had 2 options... go up the sidewalk to avoid the gate or retrace the way we got in which would mean passing by the guard post. I think our driver was running on adrenaline at that time kasi walang isip-isip, isinampa nya ung kotse sa bangketa and we left the place. Lahat tahimik sa sasakyan pauwi and i don't think anyone of us has been there again ever since that night.
  7. What is Your Health Secret? Let me start... ICE BUCKET after morning shower
  8. Just wondering who else is into Martial Arts? What level are you in? Have you competed?
  9. I'm blackbelt in Taekwondo, I train every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 2 hours. I also play basketball on weekends. What sport do you play?
  10. Who are you rooting for? Barangay Ginebra, Phoenix Fuel Masters, TNT Tropang Giga, San Miguel Beermen, Meralco Bolts, Alaska, Magnolia Hotshots, Rain or Shine, Nlex Road Warriors, Blackwater Elite, North Port Batang Pier, Terrafirma Dyip
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