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Drone 3

I got this drone on a December but never really wasnt able to fly it outside. I live in the city and I don't want to fly over people and houses. I was only able to fly this on a January. On my first high speed pass I flew straight to a tree. The props caught the small branches and stopped the motors. The drone fell straight to the concrete pavement and broke the front part of the nose and the camera. That was on the first battery, within 3 minutes of maiden flight. I had to send in for repairs and I had to wait until April. Totally missed the family March summer vacation, drats! Good thing Drone 2 was there to save March!



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23 hours ago, The Internet Superstar said:

Is that in Boracay?


Yes.  I was lucky enough to be there at the right time and conditions.

Below is from Pagudpud...Can't seem to have enough of sunsets and will never be 🙂 


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Eto share ko kasi nakakatawa.  I took the photos while driving around Spain.  Sweet daw tayong mga Filipino sabi ng mga Espanyol.  Ginawa tayong candy at dessert.  McFlurry Filipinos sa McDonalds e ang sarap.




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"We may never pass this way again."

One of the old close-up portraits I took 4 - 5 years ago (Nikon D7000 + Tokina 100mm). He's a very friendly neighbor who served "turo turo".  My personal favorite was his adobong pusit. 

Still one of my favorite portrait shots. 


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