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  1. Thought of making this thread as sort of a guide to navigating the infinite financial services in the USA. Did you know that American financial companies created services to circumnavigate 3rd world laws? I come from a developing country where laws kept many people from helping themselves, where banks have all the power to control everyone. But in the USA everything’s much, much better.
  2. Metallica! Enter Sand Man One Master of Puppets Unforgiven Who's your rock idol? ?
  3. We usually get scammed a few times before we start being careful. Maybe if we shared our experience here we will learn faster. We will detect scams from a mile away.
  4. Hello, I also created this thread so that fellow drone pilots can connect with each other. Skip muna natin ang tanong kung my drone pilot license ba or wala. This is important, I know, but this thread is for connecting fellow hobbyists and not enforcing the law. Let this be a fun thread. A thread to share our favorite aerial photos and videos without the fear of being questioned. This thread does not encourage people to break the law. Please continue to fly responsibly. This thread assumes that all aerial photos and videos were done legally, with proper permits from authority. START SHARING!
  5. We all have favorite photos that we sometimes do not understand why we like them. I suggest we post our favorite photos and write down a short backgrounder of how the photo came into being. Let's start with the "what" followed by "where" and then "when". Maybe also include "why" and "how". What's your message in the photo? What "feeling" do you want to convey? Who do you want to dedicate the photo? START SHARING 🙂
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