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  1. Where o where can my bike take me this weekend?

  2. Morning spin.

    Decided to hit the streets of Makati.




    1. Viola


      My office is just around the corner from where you are at

  3. Freedom! Well...sort of


  4. Guys and gals, you moving to MTC 2.0 or staying here in Stars?

  5. Planning to get a car next year..but not sure which one to get. Budget and reliability are my top factors to consider.

  6. Slowly getting back to work...on a Thursday night/Friday morning.

  7. Lived to tell the tale


  8. Top games base on Twitch data 1. Apex Legends 2. Fortnight 3. Valorant As for me, I'm back to my console and on this game Went back to Act I and change the difficulty.
  9. Got my arse handed to me by Delta. Thank God for the vaccine.

    Kids! Get vaccinated. It's not going to protect you a 100% but, it'll get you out of the emergency room.


    For those who don't believe in the vaccine and covid, stick with your guns. IF, you get infected, don't you dare take go to the hospital. You don't deserve that a slot. Again, stick to your guns, and you asked for it.

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