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  1. The root of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. basically, your insulin cannot function properly anymore. That's why you inject insulin to compensate. And the cause of your insulin resistance is consumption of too much CARBOHYDRATES. If you wanna be cured, do KETO. Basically, no to minimal carbs. only fats and protein. remember to count your calories so you don't exceed your daily requirements. Do this and your insulin resistance will slowly go away and diabetes will be cured. bawas o iwas asukal? ampalaya and all other shits ay tatalab lang kapag hindi pa malala. Completely eradicate carbs in your diet if you wanna live. If not, then live chewing and injecting those meds. I know coz I got rid of my diabetes. F' all those doctors who told me that it cant be cured anymore.
  2. I dont. but I love the new controller! better than ps5s
  3. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme
  4. not anymore. when i grew older, i realized martial arts should be practiced with passion and not self defence. it's easy to carry a pepper spray or even a low caliber gun these days. all our techniques and stuff are easily overpowered.
  5. I'd go with the honda. I dont like the design of wigo.
  6. I'd say pick your poison and stick with it. If you wanna start 1000cc GO! f' begginer MCs. your bike your rules
  7. Blaze, when it used to be 100octane. now mostly vpower
  8. Accord, camry the old sonata. the big affordable sedans
  9. Amaron. been using it for years! kahit itambak sa garahe charged p rin
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