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  1. We Filipinos call it "ISIP TALANGKA". It's called crab mentality. We pull down our fellow human beings, just like crabs in a basket. Let's stop being like that. These billionaires are there in space because they worked their way up there. Let us congratulate them for a job well done! Let's all be positive about their recent achievements 🙂 Do not "like" or share internet content that promotes hate and bitterness. Mabuhay!
  2. Logic is the beginning of wisdom.

  3. This thread contains all the current information regarding diabetes and also proven cures for diabetes. Sharing is caring.
  4. I did not cheat. Star Trek. Said by Spock while he was dying.
  5. Q: Meron ka daw doppelganger sa Davao? A: Pinsan ko yun
  6. Is that from the same movie with the line "You Complete Me?" I can't remember the title, sorry.
  7. Grabe that laing! Pinag kaka guluhan ng international community! 🙂 Keep cooking! Hi Sky! You're very pretty!
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