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  1. was it the day i laid my eyes on you was the night you made my dreams come true
  2. I spent Xmas here at Our OFfice Quarters ...Alone I had to fly to Kalayaan 26 December 2020
  3. Never Cry . They left you not the other way around Immerse yourself with work ( Get Promoted and Raised in Salary in the Process ) ,Breaking up is a strong Motivator Do the things you normally do together , the sooner you get over it , the better Never rant in public on FB , Instagram , or other Social MEdia , only fools do that Talk to your family , they might not understand but they will be always be there hang out with friends ( Live ones and On line Ones ) unsolicited opinions from impartial parties gives you perspective Take up a hobby where it will occu
  4. if you are in a relationship you should tell your partner to avoid ME Completely hehehehhe
  5. 0700H - my GF's work problems . Beats discussing my work problems 0800H - Papaitan and Kilawin Kambing at Old SAuyo St 0900H - Gold Jewelry Haggling at Binondo ...got a pair of gold earrings ( 20K ) for a not so shabby price 1000H - Greet my Mudra Happy February 13C
  6. Not to Fat and Not too skinny Shapely with moderate curves very important ..... A functioning brain and a will of her own .
  7. cOHEED and Cambria BEatles Linkin Park Nickelback Mettalica Toad Wet Sprocket WOlfgang PNE
  8. Bars hahhaha Sports Bars I traveled about 3x a month during the height of pandemic evenings were so boring staying at the designated APOR Facilities
  9. NCIS Spin OFFS a) NCIS LA b) NCIS New Orleans Chuck Burn Notice
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