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  1. was it the day i laid my eyes on you was the night you made my dreams come true
  2. Never Cry . They left you not the other way around Immerse yourself with work ( Get Promoted and Raised in Salary in the Process ) ,Breaking up is a strong Motivator Do the things you normally do together , the sooner you get over it , the better Never rant in public on FB , Instagram , or other Social MEdia , only fools do that Talk to your family , they might not understand but they will be always be there hang out with friends ( Live ones and On line Ones ) unsolicited opinions from impartial parties gives you perspective Take up a hobby where it will occupy your thoughts and time if its works for you drink and consume Tanduay in massive quantities in the confines of your home Maintain communication with your ex friends and relatives be a better person by offering the hand of friendship despite of everything that happen If you can afford it , Travel , Travel.
  3. if you are in a relationship you should tell your partner to avoid ME Completely hehehehhe
  4. 0700H - my GF's work problems . Beats discussing my work problems 0800H - Papaitan and Kilawin Kambing at Old SAuyo St 0900H - Gold Jewelry Haggling at Binondo ...got a pair of gold earrings ( 20K ) for a not so shabby price 1000H - Greet my Mudra Happy February 13C
  5. Not to Fat and Not too skinny Shapely with moderate curves very important ..... A functioning brain and a will of her own .
  6. cOHEED and Cambria BEatles Linkin Park Nickelback Mettalica Toad Wet Sprocket WOlfgang PNE
  7. Bars hahhaha Sports Bars I traveled about 3x a month during the height of pandemic evenings were so boring staying at the designated APOR Facilities
  8. NCIS Spin OFFS a) NCIS LA b) NCIS New Orleans Chuck Burn Notice
  9. When Tuesdays becomes extension of Mondays ...TOXIC 

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