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  1. The new season just started. Make sure you got the new Terizla skin. Oh, and Edith - the new tank hero too!
  2. September 29, I just finished Grey's Anatomy Season 2. The show will stop airing in Netflix by tomorrow. I've finished up to Season 10 since. I'm glad I gave this show another chance. I loved it.
  3. Are artificial sweeteners really helpful?
  4. Late to the party but still totally enjoying it. I just finished Season 2.
  5. I'm also a fan of the Chinese hoisin sauce.
  6. I remember some sales people. They have this what they call an "elevator pitch." 🙂
  7. Hello, BPO peeps. I'm not part of the BPO industry anymore but it has been a huge part of my life for more than a decade before I found my current employer.
  8. I don't see why you should not unless you're ready to have your own family. Living with parents is not frowned upon in our culture as long as one's single and can provide for his or herself.
  9. Les Misérables. I don't know if answering with a musical is cheating but it does have great soundtrack. 😄
  10. Yun nga eh. Feeling ko mas mahal sya. Feeling ko lang naman. I could be wrong.
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