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  1. @Nightwriter Hi Kat!! miss you

    1. Nightwriter


      Hey,watcha doin'?! Welcome to Manila Stars. 

  2. kalamansi, toyo, sibuyas finely chopped, finely chopped garlic, sili red, sugar, grated ginger, drop of sesame oil --- ideal for liempo or inihaw na isda
  3. me, i drank a lot, cried myself to sleep when i was eating alone i also cried, i cried while i was driving...... but then one day, you won't have to cry anymore because ubos na tears mo for that person..... keep moving forward kahit gaano kahirap!!
  4. I do sort of like my REAL name but my name here is, I like to think I am not handsome but the name is from a guy ritchie movie which was played by TOM HARDY, hahaha he was gay in the movie BTW
  5. @Lexi of tv spa I know I only admired you from afar but you are special in my life...I wish you nothing but the best in life..God Bless you and stay safe always!!
  6. M O N E Y -- as long as I don't totally hate my job..i am fine with it..
  7. just be happy for her I guess.....what's done was done...
  8. forgot the exact Burger but it was from Brothers Burger in TRINOMA
  9. THE LAST DANCE....watching it again, this time paying attention to details i missed when I first watched it...
  10. in the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, Come Again??
  11. Guerilla Black -- You're the ONE.....
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