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  1. Salted caramel cold brew with cloud foam...not recommended. Half the cup is sweet foam.
  2. I was 21 when i met you, you were 37. I fell in love with you and you said you loved me too. It was too late when i found out you were married. I had to let you go of course. If you were single, i never would have let you go. I never stopped loving you. From time to time, i still think of you. I tell myself, if only... Now im 39, you would be 55 now. I hope you had a good life. 18years have passed and i still hold our good memories in my heart. Once again, if only you were free...
  3. Does cardboard/wood models count? Most are printables
  4. Oh ok.. we are posting TG accounts? Mine is @Viola_25 though i mostly use TG for news updates
  5. I'll start. I am depressed. I haven't been clinically diagnosed but im seeing a counselor for me to manage my depression. Why, because one day I said to myself, wouldn't it be nice if im dead. That's when i know i needed to seek help first from a counselor. There are bad days and good days. Most days are just tolerable. I wake up knowing that today is going to be bad. If i wake up without the feeling of loneliness, then I know it'll be a good day.. but how long will it remain good I have learned my triggers and i try to avoid them. One if the things i experien
  6. When we talk about health, we default to the physical aspect. How to lose weight or how to be fit? Which exercises or diets are effective? But we seldom talk about mental health. This thread aims to shed light to different mental health issues, triggers and support. If you are experiencing a particularly bad day, this can serve as an outlet to air your thoughts out.
  7. It was a bad day. I need someone to talk to


    The marketplace has been very active lately... Is the pandemic over? Tsktsk. 

  9. I cant say this to yoy so i'll just say it here. First, this is not a love letter. I just want that to be clear. In the last few months, you were a companion. Someone, i can talk to when i feel down, or bored, or frisky. In the last few weeks, ever since the universe has spoken and the possibility has become improbable, you have also lost your interest. Maybe it is because of the struggles you are facing now. Or maybe it is because there is nothing in it for you. Today, i felt sick and down. I find myself sending you a message but i didn't. I stopped. Because i didn't wan
  10. Finally taken my first sick day for the year. Gone were the days of feeling invincible. Now, i feel frail. When a little change in the weather and a drop in temperature brings unbearable back pain...or maybe its because i spend so many hours slouched in front of a computer... Or both. 


    Anyway, im not getting any younger.

    1. Do Good Things

      Do Good Things

      We all are. It’s a reminder to value time.

  11. I should have taken a sick day

  12. Lamig... Sarap ng may... Kumot.  Lazy sunday morning. 

    1. Sky


      Truth po🥰good morning 

  13. Tofu and some maki... Grilled shrimp and salmon....to start with...
  14. TGIF.. time for samgyup.

    1. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      Diet mo namemeligro.  😃

    2. Viola


      The universe has spoken... What's the point of going on a diet...

  15. It is that feeling again... 

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