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  1. 1:36am.. I've been working non-stop since yesterday 6am. I need to get some rest. 




    1. Nightwriter


      No wonder you’re tired all the time! Uy, magka ka wrinkles ka niyan! Get some sleep! Baby Reaction GIF

    2. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Get some well-deserved rest soon. Hang in there!

    3. Viola


      I."unplug" on weekends. Well start of work again. 

  2. What a tiring weekend

  3. Spent the day cleaning ... Im finally getting rid of the old encyclopedia sets... I have 3 sets and ive read two of the sets... Found a group that would accept my encyclopedias.

    For the musicphiles(is this a word?) out there.. im getting rid of an estimated 200+ cassette tapes. Anyone interested before they end up in the trash bin? 

  4. I tried that wood sticker i saw in Home buddies.... Hated it. Im buying paint! 

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    2. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Sorry to hear about the experiment though.

    3. Khaleesi




    4. Viola


      Im team puti by heart.. but my mom is team hoarder. 

  5. Bought a virtual escape room game... But I'm too afraid to play alone. ;(

  6. Sad day. I wanted to get an AC installed. I have a 2nd hand split type that my cousin gave me when she replaced hers. I had it checked today to see if i can get it repaired and installed. The AC guy said i should buy a new one instead. Canvassed how much a brand new one costs, i need around 60k for unit and installation costs.  That's a huge chunk off my savings. Hays.

  7. Looking for Netflix shows to watch but I cant seem to find anything Im interested in anymore. I saw shadow and bone recently because i read an article that it is netflix's game of thrones with all the world building etc. It just didnt grip me the way i expected it would. Is this based on a book? If so, it might be better to read the book. It seems interesting enough, but there is something lacking in both the cast and storytelling. I didnt root for the main characters nor did i hate the villains. The most excitement I got from the show was when I saw the actress who played Mad
  8. I need a vacation... A real one.

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    2. Nightwriter


      Gosh, Viola ☹️If you’re in Manila - I doubt you’d leave without some paperwork. There are a couple of series on Netflix. Or just a new boyfriend who lives far far away and wants to see you someday. The serious kind, not the flaky kind. 

    3. Viola


      Hahaha. I am in Manila. hence, i cant move around. Stuck at home. The only time I can go out is to withdraw cash or do the groceries. 

      A non-flaky bf.. would you believe that my last relationship was ~10yrs ago.

      Also, that guy wasnt a bf.  We are not even romantic. He was just good for me, mentally. He somehow became a source of comfort, until he decided to spend some time on his own.

      Don't you wish we can all just go out without fear of getting infected. Hays. 

      Ive given up on Netflix. Im back to reading books. 

    4. Nightwriter


      Good to hear, you’re into reading, it’s rare for people to leave their phones off their faces at least for at least one day!
      Your last relationship must be your greatest love? I hope you’ll meet your next great one maybe this year or next.

      I assume that guy you’re quite fond of will come back. Maybe he has his reasons. Maybe he has to work out on something important. 

      He’ll come back, you’ll see.

      I can only wish for all of us to not wear masks anymore! It’s funny that we have to wear masks even after our vaccinations. 


  9. I want to go out!!!! It is scorching hot. I want to walk around in an airconditioned mall.. read a book while drinking coffee. I want to eat out, go on a pokemon go raid, catch some dark wizards. But im stuck at home, doing some general cleaning. Should i paint the walls?

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    2. Miles Gonzalo Morales
    3. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales


      Im planning on painting my home

      My bad, the only part of the sentence that registered with my sleep & oxygen deprived brain was the cabinet hence the "matte black everything" remark.

    4. Viola


      Actually i dont like the white and gray scheme.. i also dont like the black scheme... I need to have a calm and relaxing space

  10. Finally fell asleep only to wake up from  a nightmare.

    I really wish someone is around

  11. It was a good day overall.. and I wanted to share my excitement with someone.. then i realized that person is not around. I dont know if he is coming back. I dont even know how he is doing. That made me sad.
  12. Getting cross-eyed and visions begin to blur. How many nested if-else have I done so far. I love coding for 5 hours straight. i need coffee. Or someone to talk to 





    I wish you would call.

  13. Thank you for sharing. We all have different ways of dealing with depression. This pandemic has tested a lot of us. We were forced to face problems that we avoided pre-pandemic. I hope, you and me and everybody else going through the similar struggles get through this in one piece. If you need an outlet, post here. Share your thoughts. Take care.
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