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  1. kalamansi, toyo, sibuyas finely chopped, finely chopped garlic, sili red, sugar, grated ginger, drop of sesame oil --- ideal for liempo or inihaw na isda
  2. me, i drank a lot, cried myself to sleep when i was eating alone i also cried, i cried while i was driving...... but then one day, you won't have to cry anymore because ubos na tears mo for that person..... keep moving forward kahit gaano kahirap!!
  3. I do sort of like my REAL name but my name here is, I like to think I am not handsome but the name is from a guy ritchie movie which was played by TOM HARDY, hahaha he was gay in the movie BTW
  4. @Lexi of tv spa I know I only admired you from afar but you are special in my life...I wish you nothing but the best in life..God Bless you and stay safe always!!
  5. M O N E Y -- as long as I don't totally hate my job..i am fine with it..
  6. just be happy for her I guess.....what's done was done...
  7. forgot the exact Burger but it was from Brothers Burger in TRINOMA
  8. THE LAST DANCE....watching it again, this time paying attention to details i missed when I first watched it...
  9. in the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, Come Again??
  10. Guerilla Black -- You're the ONE.....
  11. @Classy.Marielmakes me smile, just her elegance, beauty and charm can make anyone smile so cheerfully!! Hi Miss Mariel..
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