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  1. Daft Punk have decided to part ways after 27 years and this is probably one of the best songs in their last album 8 years ago. I miss you, let's talk again soon 🥰 And we will never be alone again 'Cause it doesn't happen every day Kinda counted on you being a friend Can I give it up or give it away? Now I thought about what I wanna say But I never really know where to go So I chained myself to a friend 'Cause I know it unlocks like a door
  2. Hi Pooh Bear. It's funny, our first Valentines together yet we're far apart. The movie was cornball but your company was superb. A heart on the run keeps a hand on the gun It can't trust anyone I was so sure what I needed was more Tried to shoot out the sun In days when we raged, we flew off the page Such damage was done But I made it through, 'cause somebody knew I was meant for someone So girl, leave your boots by the bed We ain't leavin' this room 'Til someone needs medical help Or the magnolias bloom It's cold in this house and I ain't goin' o
  3. What does tupperware and a walrus have in common?

    1. Unwritten


      Just a wild guess.  They keep cool.

    2. Nightwriter


      They both like a nice tight seal. 

  4. When you look outside the window, the 12th floor of the hotel and you see the thick clouds of people walking from opposite sides of the avenue - you tend to wonder if one of those clouds of people could be your future hubby or what not. You fling the blinds and turn off the tv and you lay in bed with the goose - feathered pillows and you're lonely. There was this guy you really, really liked and you pretty much owe him an explanation. Will he talk to you again? I hope so.
  5. A thing of beauty is a joy forever - John Keats

    1. Unwritten


      A thing of beauty you are,  but just a fantasy  that I forever await.

  6. The Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series has warmed everybody's heart on all aspects of life and i think we can start our own stories here. Remember those times when you had that pet for Christmas or Birthday or your parents came from the province and had that puppy in a 'bayong' ( plastic weave tote bag) and adopting a puppy from your neighbor's? Share your stories about your pet and how they made a big difference in our lives.
  7. I think the thing i miss the most is Not to F Care about wearing this stupid mask. We've come long ways from the Spanish flu and with the technology that we have currently in the bacterial studies and the medical field, I'm wondering why it took months to figure into making the vaccine. Or worse, it could be political motivated. To be honest, ( in my most humble opinion) people look stupid wearing a mask! Has anyone ever told you " Hey Sugar, your mask looks, sexy! Where did you get that from?". Secondly, the education of our children is faltering. How the F do they learn through onl
  8. This was taken in a cemetery called Mt. Washington. This cemetery is a hundred years old and is a state national treasure.
  9. The cheeseburger i love is the Mc Donald's Quarter Pounder with cheese. My favorite chicken is in a place called Stroud's - it makes pan fried chicken. Th They use an iron skillet for cooking and nothing is more crunchy and more delicious than this baby. The restaurant opens at 4 in the afternoon till 9 and it's always sold- out. Fries : Mcdonalds. The good thing about their fries is that the potatoes are grown in Idaho. The spuds are their gold mine!
  10. Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad to Showtime ' Your Honor' The best appearance to date from Bryan Cranston would probably be the Super Bowl. Last year, Mountain Dew dragged in Bryan Cranston from vaca and got a 40 seconder - playing Jack Torrance and the creepy twins too. Everyone loves the Dew, the Kansas City Chiefs won after 50 years of being a dud of a team .everybody relishes on Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad and the series currently showing on Showtime entitled " Your Honor" would probably earn him another Emmy yet! The deal of this show is that it tackles with a
  11. Ozymandias Lan of no return Free Wifi Error
  12. Hala! Profile ko yan ah! 😐Gosh, nakaka hiya naman, Prof! I’m glad na napasaya kita kahit sandali.
  13. Dear Papa. Thank you for raising me even if you’re not my biological father. I don’t know if you’d be shocked in knowing that i’m not yours but you certainly made a huge impact in my life. Despite of Mama’s drama overtures and complicit accusations, you’ve decided to leave her and you took me with you. You died 20 years ago. I was on my own, your voice resonated in my head - and it made me through tough times. Little did i learned that secrets were unfolding right before me. I received a card a few years ago that i have to come home and attend a funeral. It was at a big f
  14. Advertising Executive. I write copies for different companies. Honestly, i don't know how people can get to be in the Advertising field these days. Probably having an english degree or a liberal arts degree would suffice. You have to be open with current stuff like social media, music and movies. You gotta have to read a lot of books too. Just immersing yourself with words.
  15. Brady and Mahomes will be at the Superbowl for sure!
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