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  1. What a splendid idea! ☺️


  2. Weird. My neighbor who lives a few blocks away has 5 wireless access points in his house. He’s probably a Youtuber or just wouldn’t wanna miss a slightest downtime on pron hub. Beats me! 

  3. Aah, just a another day in Reddit. ☺️


  4. I broke up with him because in such a short time, we were falling hard and fast. It reminded me about that time when I had this experience - it became toxic in the end. It was painful to let him go, he was vulnerable and unhappy for awhile and I was, too. We brought out the best about each other. I miss him a lot.
  5. Comfort food would be 1. Fresh egg rolls from a Pho restaurant 2. Buffalo wild wings or Wingstop 3. Beer battered onion rings
  6. The bestburger is Whataburger. My first time was in Houston.
  7. Hi Kat, kamusta?

    1. Nightwriter


      @agent_orange Hi! Hey do I know you? LOL

       Whats Up Hello GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

  8. I think that Love isn’t love if you don’t give all that you have. I loved somebody for a long time and he and I were not on the same page. I gave up my career and became a housewife for sometime until he found somebody else who gives him more than what I have given. We parted ways, despite of that I still think he’s a genius in writing copies and admired by his peers - and sometimes when people ask me about personal stuff, I’d say that he’s very self absorbed. The next time I’d fall in love, it will be different, my greatest love affair would be with a man who is a giver not a receiver.
  9. My daughter’s visit to the foot doctor is nothing more than an infection on the side of the toe, it can be cured by antibiotics. I’m really happy.
  10. I think this applies to both women and men : Don't be sleeping with somebody who had slept with a lot of people! Chances are, the relationship wouldn't last. People with a lot of vices, specifically if they drink liquor a lot. Just like si Kuya, above me, ⬆️he specifies that if the person makes so many excuses just for the bottle - RUN. Lastly, I like to remind everybody is that there are people who are mentally unstable. We cannot change people as much as we invested our feelings and money towards them. If somebody makes you feel bad about yourself. Leave the relationship.
  11. Prettier than average? Like Jennifer Lawrence average or Pre kim Kardashian in the year 2000?
  12. For my performance at work, the company sent me a $50 'credit' card. Just the exact amount to pay a one year subscription to Asian Crush. 🥰 I got Netflix, Crunchyroll and now Asian Crush. That must be good.
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