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  1. How can i have a rational conversation with someone who sees discrimination everywhere even the most reasoned and thoughtful statement? I can imagine why you would feel what I said was discrimination. But I see nothing to apologize for. A Vessel is a figure of speech, of course you know that! Enlighten me.
  2. I’ve taken the Moderna vaccine a month ago and on to my second in June. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled of the prospect of getting it because I’ve been on the plane since the pandemic and shutdown began. I didn’t feel funny or sick but I realized that it’s important that we have to encourage people in getting the vaccine and to save other people’s lives. We can endanger other people’s lives by being a vessel of Covid. It sound dramatic but it’s reality. If people choose not to get vaccinated then they’re fully responsible of what happens to their family, relatives and friends.
  3. So President Biden announced that you CAN walk indoors without a mask on and the people of New York City are partying like the Prohibition has ended just like it had almost a 100 years ago. 

    1. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Majority of Americans for you. 😂

    2. Viola


      Lets wait and see. 

    3. MandyOffDuty


      Is it a good decision??? Hmmmm

  4. My mom was married when she met my father. He just came from a long trip abroad and he was visiting his bestfriend who was bragging about his beautiful wife. My father was smitten as she was serving them dinner. He knew he shouldn’t be too friendly or his bestfriend would get jealous. Years had passed, one fateful day, my mom was walking in Avenida towards her apartment and my father saw her while he was driving at the opposite direction. He immediately made a U-turn and rolled his window down and called her name. She hopped in the car and told him that her marriage was over
  5. Girl : Do these jeans make me look fat?

    Boy: Do you promise NOT to get mad at me no matter what I say? 

    Girl : Yes, I promise!

    Boy: I f*cked your sister. 

  6. How People Treat You Says Nothing About You But Everything About THEM.  Someone can choose to either help you or not, whether they are kind to you or not, it's speaks a lot about their character.

  7. You know you're broke when pan handlers offer you cash. 🤣 You know you're broke when you don't even know which bill you have to pay first.
  8. I think I'm getting there. I think my goals right now is with a reasonable age and retire reasonably comfortably in the process. I don't own a fancy car, just enough to be comfortable and self -sufficient.
  9. This is a tough question. There is a lot of poor passionate people and there are rich but passionless people. It's like a bunch of teenage girls in a slumber party being asked ' would you rather marry a broke handsome guy or a rich ugly guy?". 🤪 IMO, The question is immature and based on a ridiculous premise. It's asserting that these things should be or are mutually exclusive. There is something I've read on Reddit a few months ago that Money may not buy happiness but sure can buy a lot of opportunities for it. 🙂
  10. For God Sake's, Get to know this person's family history before settling down because this might just save your life! On a first date, just keep the person talking about themselves and let them think that they're the most important person on the planet ( just by actively listening) and do your 'investigative analysis'. If you're actually looking into finding someone to settle down with, that is! Current events leads to future trends, my friend. Watch this person talk about trash about their family, lovers and friends, it won't be for long that you'd be 'trending' too. When p
  11. The moon came out that Holy thursday night in San Juan, La Union. I was 17 with my boyfriend and his cousins, two highschool girls from St Louis Girls High, we were enjoying sitting on the sand and watching the tide rolling in and about. I remember the cool night breeze on my cheek and taking swigs of tequila and talking about the movies
  12. The secret to happiness is low expectations. Don't set high expectations on people who can't deliver. 

    1. phlip24


      Don't set low expectations, just set realistic ones. Expect different things from different people

  13. Remember if you want someone who doesn't want you to change, don't try to change them.

  14. I'm glad someone can relate from my father's experience. There was a young lady who was selling her medication ( Ritalin for her ADHD) to fellow students. One of her classmates reported it to the Principal, who was also the Rector of the school. He called her to his office and demanded a confession. She of course, folded in fear and wrote down every kid involved with the drug. The Police came and took her away. She got expelled and she stayed in the clink for a month. Confessing to church is one thing but having information shared from a confession and deliver it to the Po
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