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  1. I never saw blue like that by Shawn Colvin
  2. I enjoy every content you post. You are so kind to me. Thank you.

    1. Nightwriter


      @Do BetterHello Chief! I'm SURPRISED! Wow, thank you po over 9,0000 thank yous!

      Season 8 Wow GIF by The Office

  3. @SiLvErClAwMaster Shi Fu! How are you doing? What a pleasant surprise! Do you remember that time when I told you I'm done with 'Tonite'? I moved on. I've moved on from playing pewee football and on to the NFL. Which is this place: Manila Stars is the NFL in my humble opinion.
  4. @UnwrittenHello Cool Beans Unwritten! Venison is an acquired taste. The last time I had one, fresh from the amber waves of gold in Kansas (it's literally amber waves! LOL) that it smelled like piss and shoe leather. Some men like it a lot - the musky smell of hide and tough meat. Well you wan it well done? And please don't hesitate to splash some Barbeque sauce too. Don't you just made me hungry for a nice juicy steak?
  5. @Storm TrooperDon't you just love those names? It's Like calling your two dogs "Crispy" and "Bacon". I called my dog Birdie because he is a flighty creature - gets scared easily and runs away from people - just like peasant birds in Manila. Don't you have any other pets aside from Birdie?
  6. @Storm TrooperAh Yes! I remember those kinds of Chicks. For our Foreign friends : There are vendors in Manila who would dye chicks with fancy food coloring ( pink, green, red Etc.) to entice young kids into buying them. I'm sorry about the little chick that died but WOW 😲 you got yourself one healthy chicken! Are we totally keeping Birdie or are we having her/him for Christmas dinner?
  7. If you're a giver, Be sure to set your limits because takers don't have any. Learn to say No. ❤️

  8. Dear God , I've heard that Pfizer is developing another vaccine to fight the Indian variant. Would this be the last? 

    1. Sofia


      There is Lambda too.. which is supposedly more potent than Delta.

    2. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      Sorry, doubtful, it would be the last given current available information.

    3. naer232001


      That is the news here as posted from other country. 
      no confirmation if true. Pero dahil sa mga update nh WHO. Dami na naman nagpanic, gusto n umuwi pinas. Iba normal, pra na lng nasa sine kumakain ng popcorn inaabangan n lng matapos ang palabas.


  9. This chicken looks way too old to be dinner. LOL. The meat would be similar to shoe -leather.
  10. @UnwrittenI’m doing well, Unwritten, and you? I thought you’ve forgotten your old friend. The pandemic has gotten the best of us and we’re presently embarking another one and hopefully we’d get through this one more time. Are you fed up already? I am. Little Chick and I are doing well, surprisingly! The good thing about living in the country is you have a lot of things to do. My neighbors are young and sketchy and they avoid me like the plague, LOL. Did you know that all Mama Deers (Doe a deer, a female deer) can get pregnant all at the same time and give birth at the same time only during summer? Fascinating. Are there more fawns in your area lately? 🙂 Glad to hear from you, I’m really glad!
  11. @Sofia Sofia, I wish the pandemic is done, done, DONE wherever you are, I have a feeling that there will be strong recession soon and it would be just like it were back in the '30s. Don't you just hate the people who took advantage of the pandemic? I am too. It's unfortunate. I'm looking forward to your blog in the future, it doesn't have to be fancy. The reason why I'm writing mine is to help me remember the bad and the good things in my life. Our brain can only handle as much info as it can possibly can and if we can share others what we know - hopefully they'd do better than us, not making the same mistakes like we had. Sounds romantic? Sorry about that! LOL
  12. @Kilroy WashereIt is depressing, I agree. The media is constantly taking on that 'Stranger Danger' on younger couples that they take it as Gospel truth - Too much coddling, too much of the Helicopter parenting here and there and their kids would grow up - mind my French - to become socially retarded. I said it. I'm not going to apologize. I've seen folks driving their kids to the school bus stop which is only a block away from their house for years! The kids could benefit on walking on the street to the bus but the parents, most of them rather, are going to watch their kids like a hawk as they climb up the bus. Kids and also Teens should understand boundaries that they can't be touched in appropriate places or talk to anyone who they're not acquainted to. Kids here assume that everybody will do something bad to them, like they're hypersensitive or something. Just the other day, I was walking down the street when I said Hi to a 7 year old girl and a couple of little girls who were playing on someone's front yard. One of the them just run straight at me with a pouty face and said " YOU CAN'T SAY HI TO HER! YOU CAN'T SPEAK TO HER EITHER!". Then the moms who were watching their girls didn't even correct that behavior. They gave me that smile like " oh kids say the silliest things, aren't they angels? ". I just walked away, quite startled the most but you can see how disturbing this is. Sarah Silverman is so annoying, I'd see talk her back at the kids with her annoying voice. " yeeeah well i'm 35 years old and I still pee in bed at night, whatdaya think?".
  13. @Sofia Hi Sofia! You're in the I.T. field! You're way smarter than I am by a stretch! 👍 oh wow, I remember you'd make a ton of money doing web design, that's a really cool field! Would you still do it in the present? Hey, why won't you write a blog yourself, Sofia? You got a lot of time to share plus people can freely ask you some advice on what you do. I honestly believe that this forum will have a fair chance on making it big someday.
  14. Hi Kilroy! Oh, the grammar nazis will have to stand trial for awhile! LOL! 🙂 You have a wonderful day yourself, Kind Sir! Be well!
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