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  1. 2 packs of these (in one cup) gets me going! haha. yumm! I feel like getting one now!
  2. It could be a result of nerve pinching in the lower back. The lower back controls the upper part of the body. Depending on age, you can try changing your diet to less sugar. Do you smoke, drink, soft drinks? how much sleep do you get? If you mostly sit all day, try standing up every 30 minutes and walk to the window to look at far objects. I can assist you better if you can include other details ? Dito na lang sa thread so that others can share their ideas. Private Message will defeat the purpose of information sharing. You don't need to include personal details you're not comfortable in sharing.
  3. Where do you want to live in the Philippines? The place with the just the right amount of everything. Maybe include a brief backgrounder of yourself, are you single? Work industry? And then the reason why you want to live in the location.
  4. My purpose is to recycle organic carbon, and be recycled as organic carbon. Just passing through in this universe...
  5. I'm not a doctor but I've managed to heal my immediate family members using alternative ways. I'd be glad to give alternative free advice.
  6. I always wanted to start this big headed figurine collection but the pandemic came along ?
  7. Originally posted by DarkAngel on 07 June 2009 - 03:56 AM What is/are the most painful, insulting remark/s you have ever received in your life? Before you answer this question, you must agree to the guidelines below: (1) You have actually received this insult -- deservingly or undeservingly. (2) You shall not mention the actual name or handle of this person who insulted you. (3) Comments that support or oppose a post will be deleted. JUST TO REPEAT AND EMPHASIZE: Post an insulting remark you received. Do not post an insult you have made. Let me start. From a college professor after I told her I applied for fellowship at the U.P. Writers Workshop: "I question your desire to be a writer because you don't seem to possess the skills." A month later, I got the fellowship.
  8. Originally posted by umayoska on 17 May 2007 - 05:12 PM See I've got my own Quarter life crisis. We all get to this one point in life where we make a final choice which road we'll be taking. Money or Passion? ROAD 1: If you had this job, everything was going well, good business was moving you up the ladder, and you were being bumped up to a very important position (say Business Develpment for example), and it ensured travel, profit shares, and good earned big pay, but it didn't move you... It didn't excite you... It didn't make you feel any alive, and it made you feel boring and dead, and not to mention the long hours of working 6 days a week and sometimes 7... BUT it would give you all the money in the world and give you what you want (security and material things). ROAD 2: Then there's the other road. Something that excites you, makes you feel alive, and would give you all the worthy experiences in the world... A life of meaning. But it didn't assure you any money or wealth, and you've never done it professionally and you'll be starting from scratch, at the bottom... But is a life of an artist and this is what you want to be. I'd like to know what my fellow MTCers have to say... Well actually I just want to know what to do, I have actually told friends in past to go for ROAD 2 with ease, but the choice is actually very hard to make when its your life... Haaaayy.. It's so hard to turn away from money.... I'm 23 and these are the two roads I have to choose on SOON.
  9. Originally Posted by storm on 02 June 2004 - 10:42 AM On the 23rd of September 1972, Martial Law was declared although Marcos antedated it to September 21 (7+7+7=21). Nawala lahat ng palabas sa Zenith 21" TV namin na Black & White. Pulos mukha ni Marcos and Tatad ang palabas. Biglang nabago ang takbo ng Pilipinas pati na Fashion and Lifestyle. Before Martial Law Plaza Miranda and Mendiola, not EDSA were the place for rallies and freedom. Fashion style: Hippie - Long hair for boys and girls, distressed denims (flared), what you see nowadays. Miniskirt and hot pants for girls with matching "wet look" leather boots. 1971 - Plaza Miranda bombing 1972 - MARCOS. Martial Law. Curfew. Harrasment. No more long hair. SA IKAUUNLAD NG BAYAN, DISIPLINA ANG KAILANGAN. Bagong terms noon na nauso Jaywalking Curfew Huwag kang maingay, baka madinig ka ni Marcos Political Detainees Pero being a child noon, wala akong pakialam. I thought, wow, luminis, tumahimik and gumanda ang Pinas. Enjoy ako sa mga TV series na My Favorite Martian sa morning before I go to school. Tapos uso ang stay-in parties o tipar FASHION Shoes: First time kong makatikim ng Adidas (Vienna, kasi mas gusto kong Red) Glenmore and Wilson kung leather shoes (buhay pa kaya sila?) Wilson Shoes is supposed to be in Detroit St., Cubao. Denim Levi's and Wrangler lang. Or magpatahi ka na lang. American bell pang tawag nun. Tapos lumabas ang Bangbang, Faded Glory T-Shirts Hang Ten, Munsingwear, Collezione, Lacoste, Fred Perry, FILA, Lotto, Sergio Tacchini In Places Farmers sa Cubao Quad sa Ayala Well, kung naaalala nyo pa, post lang kayo.
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