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  1. I love the Philippines, but I hate most overwhelming Filipino attitudes like: false humility - pasensya na po, tao lang. May pinagdadaanan lang, adjust ka lang. SORRY NA! Tutulungan mo ba ako o hindi?!! These are just few of the current trends in attitudes of Filipinos in the Philippines now. Nakakainis! Dito sa Canada walang ganyan. Canadians do not accept excuses. You make an error and they will make sure you pay for your mistake. Sa Pilipinas iba, unli patawad. Unli adjust. Unli understanding. Kaya kulelat pa rin sa Asia. Kelan pa ma realize ng Pinoys na ang problema ay nasa ugali nila?
  2. -0-0-0-0- MISS YOU LIKE HELL MANILA... -0-0-0-0-
  3. I love taggy’s posts. Complete with lyrics. I actually sang along with Harry Styles ?
  4. Can lawyers site laws regarding “use of unauthorized” drug? I think the issue is sale of unauthorized drug. Using it is not a crime. If I use gasoline to disinfect bruises on myself in an accident, I’m not breaking the law am I?
  5. The first Christopher Reeves Superman of the 80s. I cried because I really wanted to see it, my uncle didn’t have a choice but to take me to Cubao and watch it. Standing Room Only, said the sign. I miss my uncle.
  6. Technically, it’s improving. The skills and the equipment are there but it seems that the big bosses are still stuck in the 80s, with their selection of movies to finance and produce.
  7. My turn. Who said this? The sky is awake, I’m awake. Let’s come out and play!
  8. Baby Tantor said this, in Disney’s Tarzan animated movie
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