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  1. I only use Dr Kaufman since I’m very active and I don’t smell bad even when I’m not using deodorant at times.
  2. Addidas because after pandemic all my nikes factory glue expired but my adidas still good no problem at all
  3. Haven’t been to Tokyo, hopefully my return to japan will allow me!
  4. Love this place!
  5. I can always feel ghost but TG for not being able to see them haha
  6. Yes, not because we have to but it just okay for me I even have a extra phone at home just so it can be open anytime. though the boys gc should not be opend
  7. Hnm this is hard since I have my HIMYM, B99 and Family Guy on repeat every year. But I guess Breaking Bad
  8. AirBnBs sa Rizal with overlooking view of mountains is nice.
  9. Still Boracay if I just to chill and swim, without having (to) tour to enjoy the island. Also Zambales for quick getaway.
  10. Hardest part of ths is tryng to explain to people that ur currently down or not in the mood, we still need to adjust
  11. If grab can make the app more appealling like foodpanda then I would choose grab for ordering food since Grab app is complete.
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