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  1. こんにちは、皆んな! Hi guys, here are my top places to go to in Tokyo, Japan: Shibuya Crossing - here you can see lots of people Shibuya Sky - a great place to see the entirety of Tokyo Takeshita Street - this one is near Harajuku Station. Lots of young people in fashionable clothings Meiji Jingu - a good place to experience nature inside a busy Tokyo city Asakusa - a place to experience old Japan teamLab Digital Art Museum - a high tech museum with lots of lights inside. A great place for pictorials Akihabara - for those who love Japan's anime and games Tokyo Skytree - another great place to see the entirety of Tokyo, much higher than Shibuya Sky Tokyo Tower - a good structure to take a picture of If you guys have other places to recommend, or if you have more to say on the places I recommended, please feel free to share! ? よろしくお願いします!
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