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  1. At best I'm probably only 60% effective online vs face-to-face classroom sessions.
  2. Reconnected recently with an ex from way back when I heard that she was unwell. I found out from her daughter that she has stage 4 cancer and is now under her care. We're in touch everyday thru Messenger. Sent her flowers on her birthday March 1. So sad. BTW, she never married
  3. Parties/Family gatherings with lots of hugging Drinking with HS buddies Travel and I never I thought I'd say this: getting up in the morning, quick breakfast, shower, get dressed, and drive to work! Working from home sucks
  4. Old reliable Adidas Bounce; have been serving me well since 2017
  5. Adidas Bounce (2017 vintage) Chucks Vans
  6. TROY? And this line is from..: "Don't just stand there. Kill something!"
  7. If you're thinking of a hotel in the Metro, I'd recommend ARUGA in Rockwell. All the great dining options in the area are within walking distance Or you could try EDSA Shang. The adjacent mall is not too shabby either
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