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  1. If you are 50 yrs old now...what is your daily routine 😊

    7 am bfast or Jog

    12nn  Lunch

    1 pm K drama ...games

    6 pm dinner

    7 pm more k dramas and games

    1 am sleep

    ...next time sex for bfast 😍

  2. Seaman for 20 yrs Tour guide here for 1 year
  3. Ice cold 1.5 coca cola and ice cold water with lucky me noodles with egg
  4. I never taught that I would be hooked with Kdramas...😂 So many to mention Aside from Kdrama, I have seen Queens Gambit Stranger Things And some I forgot
  5. Looks like bouganveila...sana makita ko ng personal but its beautiful
  6. I forgot their names but the 1st pic ang sipag mamulaklak 😍
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen Welcome to Jungle by GNR Nothing Else Matters by Metallica In The End by Linkin Park
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