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  1. If you are 50 yrs old now...what is your daily routine 😊

    7 am bfast or Jog

    12nn  Lunch

    1 pm K drama ...games

    6 pm dinner

    7 pm more k dramas and games

    1 am sleep

    ...next time sex for bfast 😍

  2. Seaman for 20 yrs Tour guide here for 1 year
  3. Ice cold 1.5 coca cola and ice cold water with lucky me noodles with egg
  4. I never taught that I would be hooked with Kdramas...😂 So many to mention Aside from Kdrama, I have seen Queens Gambit Stranger Things And some I forgot
  5. Looks like bouganveila...sana makita ko ng personal but its beautiful
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen Welcome to Jungle by GNR Nothing Else Matters by Metallica In The End by Linkin Park
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