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  1. Sabi nga ni ate katy: But in another world I would be your girl We keep all our promises Be us against the world In another life I would make you stay So I don't have to say you were The one that got away.
  2. How many guys/girls have you been with? - Really? Are we that close to even ask me that question?
  3. Happiest birthday to the hottest and nicest guy in manilastars! 💋

  4. High school, CAT. Our captain told the boys to go stand behind their crush cadette. I was infront (height matters) and at the corner of my eye I saw MY crush approaching. Heart is beating fast and I was sweating a lot. I could feel his presence behind me(so I thought!) I look back and readied a smile for him. He smiled back and said to the girl on my left "Dito ko sa likod mo ha." Mas maganda ako kay ate kaya. 🤣😉 Pwede din to sa most embarrassing.
  5. Ox's brain, looking back I was trying not to embarrassed my date, so I ate it with gusto 🤮 never againnn.
  6. Ok lang malungkot, umiyak. Sus. You're human afterall! Pero pagkatapos nyan tama na ha, last mo na yan. Kung quota ka na pahinga ka muna, magpalakas. Magpaganda/magpagwapo. Feel good about yourself. There was a time that you were happy being single. Wala naman sya nun diba? Go back to yourself and enjoy!
  7. Did you avoid him/her? Hindi diba? baka ikaw ang dapat iwasan. 🤪 Someone who doesn't know whats good for them. Those who purposely put themselves in tight situations. Can't discern what's right or wrong.
  8. Ahh, 40s. That age when if you don't have any mysterious ailments or pains yet, one will be assigned to you shortly. Middle of nowhere, started early but can't seem to progress. But its ok, I can still climb the stairs without having to stop on every step. 🤪
  9. Its time I get clean. You are every single dirty thought that I have.
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