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  1. Did you avoid him/her? Hindi diba? baka ikaw ang dapat iwasan. 🤪 Someone who doesn't know whats good for them. Those who purposely put themselves in tight situations. Can't discern what's right or wrong.
  2. Ahh, 40s. That age when if you don't have any mysterious ailments or pains yet, one will be assigned to you shortly. Middle of nowhere, started early but can't seem to progress. But its ok, I can still climb the stairs without having to stop on every step. 🤪
  3. Its time I get clean. You are every single dirty thought that I have.
  4. So haunting yet so sad. Its like an old heartbreak you visit from time to time. Get well, Mr. Sakamoto.
  5. Weekend loading...Pls wait.

    1. Do Good Things

      Do Good Things

      has it loaded?

    2. Seri


      Yes. Had to clear the cache though.

  6. Some people will only love you because you fit in their box. Don't be afraid to disappoint.
  7. Current fave from Jo Malone mimosa and cardamom
  8. That I cry heaps watching kdramas 😭
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