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  1. I think that Love isn’t love if you don’t give all that you have. I loved somebody for a long time and he and I were not on the same page. I gave up my career and became a housewife for sometime until he found somebody else who gives him more than what I have given. We parted ways, despite of that I still think he’s a genius in writing copies and admired by his peers - and sometimes when people ask me about personal stuff, I’d say that he’s very self absorbed. The next time I’d fall in love, it will be different, my greatest love affair would be with a man who is a giver not a receiver.
  2. My daughter’s visit to the foot doctor is nothing more than an infection on the side of the toe, it can be cured by antibiotics. I’m really happy.
  3. I think this applies to both women and men : Don't be sleeping with somebody who had slept with a lot of people! Chances are, the relationship wouldn't last. People with a lot of vices, specifically if they drink liquor a lot. Just like si Kuya, above me, ⬆️he specifies that if the person makes so many excuses just for the bottle - RUN. Lastly, I like to remind everybody is that there are people who are mentally unstable. We cannot change people as much as we invested our feelings and money towards them. If somebody makes you feel bad about yourself. Leave the relationship.
  4. Prettier than average? Like Jennifer Lawrence average or Pre kim Kardashian in the year 2000?
  5. For my performance at work, the company sent me a $50 'credit' card. Just the exact amount to pay a one year subscription to Asian Crush. 🥰 I got Netflix, Crunchyroll and now Asian Crush. That must be good.
  6. What’s it like to have Crack cocaine in your system? Stir a teaspoonful of Nutella in your Cappucino, you’ll see! 

    Food Chocolate GIF

    1. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      Nutella ... in ... cappucino.   WHY?  😃

  7. I like a nice guy who likes to have fun. Someone who is not uptight and not too fresh. I like someone who is a good son , brother and friend.
  8. So a 57 year old man says that ‘ My parents weren’t there for me, they’re so busy putting me to a private school all my life and they’re hardly there to play with me, Now they’re old, I won’t pick up the slack for them because of all the trauma they’ve caused!”

    DUDE, Everybody has issues! BIG FOCKING DEAL. AND it was 45 years ago?! You’re being an Az Hole because they didn’t treat you like a special snowflake like you think you deserve. You really need to see a Therapist or maybe an Exorcist, No way on Earth are you going to get those years back!  I’d be so sorry for myself if i were your parent..sheesh! 🤨

    Frustrated Jack Nicholson GIF

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    2. NightWriter


      @Kilroy WashereHi Kilroy, It’s weird that I can’t post longer than 3 sentences on this site. LOL.  I think he’s damaged goods like the rest of us, only some have chosen to hide it quite well while he was telling everybody about his life story.

    3. NightWriter


      @Kilroy Washere I’m sorry if I haven’t posted for awhile. It’s almost the end of the year and it’s toxic time again at work. I hope you’re well! 

    4. SiLvErClAw


      lol i'm sorry for the person, but hey, he has to work with what he was provided, and not blame everything to how the parents treated him

      good day, NW

  9. California, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity, It’s time to do the sane thing and vote for Larry Elder on Sept. 14. 
    Voting Election 2020 GIF by INTO ACTION

  10. Bakit ganun? Ang tagal ng panahon na kami di nagkita at nagusap tapos pag nag-email e, Pera ang hinihingi sa akin pagkatapos ng kumustahan? 🤨Kaloka. Sige, Beg pa more! 😡😡😡


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    2. NightWriter


      @SiLvErClAw Oo nga e. Hirap nun. Di mo na talaga malalaman kung sino ang totoo sa hindi e.

    3. NightWriter


      @naer232001 Hi Naer, Sila pa nga minsan ang galit kung di mo sila pagbigyan. Thank you for your story. Nakakairita din yung entitlement mentality like the ' Pa-arbor naman yan' like wala kang 'choice' na ibigay mo na sa taong may gusto. Mga utang na di binabayaran, mga pangakong napapako, parating kahirapan ang excuse. Isa sa mga ugali ng ilang Pilipino ang ganito.

    4. Super8


      I am a catholic and raised to feel guilty, and at times I really struggled to say no specially to those people i'm close with or at least to those I thought I'm close. But sometimes there are people who thinks FB and/or electronic-social media are not meant for 'real' and they think they can get away with their 'kapal ng mukha', for things they will need a lot of guts to say or ask in person. 🙃

  11. About the Taliban Fiasco : Joe pulled out too quickly and made a large mess.

    1. Kilroy Washere

      Kilroy Washere

      Imo it was a timebomb to begin with.  Joe also snipped a wire that set the clock racing.

  12. A Dell laptop with 16 gb of Ram and a 1T of storage. I’ll be picking it up today. We have IT professionals on this forum : I hope you’d be proud of me for choosing this machine. 😬
  13. Hi Sofia, I’m glad that you got Moderna. We’ll have our second booster shot in September and I hope that you’ll get it also yours soon. We’re all doing this together to keep our love ones safe.
  14. When someone would comment on a vid on YT like "Who's still here in 2021?", I'd say 'Bruh, We Never Left!".

    bruh GIF

  15. @SiLvErClAw Wow, I'm surprised to be honest! You better go out often . Maybe after the ECQ, I guess. Well, have you met anybody interesting in the parties? There must be a lot of women out there! I know, I've been to a couple. Especially the ' clan parties'. Oh Christ, I relish that thought - it was delicious! Going to a party with a date in a reserved room in a 4 star hotel, meeting a lot of members - drinking cold San Miguel and flirting with other members, getting contacts. Forgive me if it sounds like that incident in Makati where a girl was found dead in one social party in a Makati hotel, but this is way, WAAY back then when there were a lot of straight people having fun in a large suite. Also in Makati. The sleaze would start close to midnight and that's the right time to leave. A lot of people would like to dive into anything. Very interesting things indeed! But then it's also my time to exit - Aggressive sexual people don't turn me on. I simply like the conversations and the drinks and the flirtatious gestures of men or women. I miss the parties. I dated a couple of guys there too. One had probably 8 kids in tow and another was almost 50 and never had relations since he was born. It's weird how many people you'd meet there. Men AND women! You and I were born from a different time. LOL. At that specific time when people get turned on with intellectual banter then the clothes are slowly peeling away. Oh yeah, I like it! 😊
  16. @Unwritten Oh dear, please talk about Barbeque than venison ☹️ It made my mouth water, I mean Barbeque! I mean! LOL.
  17. Hi Kilroy! @Kilroy Washere Jeeze, you really are a Game Hunter! And you even know how to cook the damn thing. That's amazing! I can't - just can't Kilroy 😕 Mabantot yung karne e. I assume you'd season it with Mesquite seasoning too. If it weren't for that, I couldn't handle the smell. Speaking of the pandemic, I'm starting to feel that the vaccine ain't worth a poop. Missouri ( The state where I'm living right now) has announced that every kid as young as 2 who would go to kindergarten SHOULD wear masks! How the F are they gonna pull that off ??? Plus of course, We have to wear masks even at home! PLUS we HAVE to get a booster for the Indian variant. Yesterday we're not wearing masks and Now we're back to wearing sanitary pads on our faces. I don't know how in the world we'd get over this? I've voted for this guy down here and yet I'm starting to feel like we're slowing descending into the abyss of stupidity. ☹️ Indiana Biden playing with foolish ideas as toys. Anyway, I hope you're doing well yourself. I'm exhausted of wearing the mask! You can tell.
  18. @Sofia Oh I'm as sentimental as you are Sofia! I've met a TON of guys from there! short guys, tall guys, fat guys and skinny guys. I had probably 2 boyfriends from there. Remember what's it like sometimes when your man would go to the bathroom for a quick squirt and you'd be waiting on him at the table then suddenly you'd be getting a couple of Hellos from some guys and come sit with you for a couple of minutes? If this didn't happen to you, Your Boyfriend must have been watching you like a Hawk! You can't be alone for one second! I think we have met somehow. But my nick wasn't Nightwriter then. You'd probably know some guy I've dated. Biz was always waiting for tickets to be sold at the entrance of the anniversary party. I guess there won't be another party this month. Or is there?
  19. Pakicheck lang po kung tama ang emoji na ginamit for 'coughing". Need your opinions. TY.



    Have a nice evening, Guys! 🙃

    1. Mr Fire

      Mr Fire

      hahaha... that's so EPICCC!!! 

  20. @SiLvErClAwSorry for the late reply 😏 Back in Tonight ,we sure love the parties. And the people we've known for so long on the board who had passed away and some got married and left Tonight for good. It's just you, me and a couple of people. I'm glad you dropped by to see my blog. I've been telling you every time that I would do it and here I am!
  21. Hi Silverclaw! I think that Mainstream Media got a lot to do with how most people think around here. It would make you believe that everybody is going to rape, kidnap and murder unless they're constantly supervised every second. It's safer now that it has ever been but the positive stories wouldn't lead the news. Free-ranged kids are happier and better adjusted in my opinion. 😏
  22. I never saw blue like that by Shawn Colvin
  23. @SiLvErClAwMaster Shi Fu! How are you doing? What a pleasant surprise! Do you remember that time when I told you I'm done with 'Tonite'? I moved on. I've moved on from playing pewee football and on to the NFL. Which is this place: Manila Stars is the NFL in my humble opinion.
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