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  1. I'm sorry for what I've done, Truly I am. I wasn't ready to have kids and I think you're better off with somebody else. Your mom's right, I'm bad news.
  2. Yesterday I was in a Cemetery. It's very interesting to me. I get to know the people who were buried there.
  3. Reunited And it feeels so good, baby! Nakaka GIGIL ka GRABE! 

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    2. Nightwriter


      @Do Betterthank you boss chief! Si crush ko kasi, nasa Manila Stars na din. 

    3. Storm Trooper

      Storm Trooper

      Ask him why did it take him this long to show up at ManilaStars.  😃

    4. Nightwriter


      @Storm Trooper I did. LOL. I wish na he knows crush ko siya talaga! 
      Happy I Love You GIF by Looney Tunes

  4. I hope so too. I also wish that they'd just let our fellow kababayans wear a face mask minus the face shield. Moderna is still good and the 2nd dose is terrible. ☹️ I was surprised that the Pope Fauci and his pals have given this a thumbs-up on this one - even a Flu shot wouldn't make you feel 'invalid' for hours! It's not an overreaction. A lot of people and celebrities got knocked out cold for at least 1 day. Anyway, it's better than getting Covid, I can't imagine what's it like to get infected by the damn thing. I hope everyone gets it. I sincerely hope everybody are doing okay especially you and your family.
  5. What the world needs now is one on one conversation.  We don't have to be lonely - we just have to make the first move and say Hi! 


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    2. Viola


      This is daunting for introverts like me ...

    3. Nightwriter
    4. Nightwriter


      @ViolaI understand..I think this pertains more on some people who are always on social media though. A lot of the current generation got their cellphones stuck on their faces. 

  6. Good for you! I wished that I've waited for a few more weeks to get that. Mine was Moderna.
  7. The Eew food for me is Nutella. I know a lot of people loved it to pieces, it’s just the thought of ‘buttering’ your slices of bread with slushes of chocolate. It looked like diarrhea on a maxi pad. Sorry about that. 🥴 Secondly, the undercooked hamburgers. When you’d take a bitr and you’ve tasted that the insides are dry and cold, that it looked like it just thawed out of the Freezer a few minutes ago, that’s gross.
  8. Hi Ms. Kim Welcome to Manila Stars! I’m your Ate Kat, How are you today? Pwede mo ba Ikwento sa amin kung ano ang bumabagabag sayo at para mabigyan ka namin ng advice? Ika nga ni Tito Boy, tumingin ka sa Salamin at ano ang sasabihin mo sa’yong sarili. Pinapatawa lang kita, Ms. Kim. Just be frank with us. 👍
  9. Don't forget to smile and be considerate and kind to others.

    Kisses to you from me.💋 




  10. Wow! Unbelievable yung ID ! An Utter disregard for a person's right for privacy. Grabe! 🙄
  11. You’re making a presumption that people who are vaccinated will get sick and the ones who were not vaccinated will not get sick. Once again. Noone is holding a gun to your head. You don’t NEED to get vaccinated. It’s your Constitutional right to choose either way.
  12. You’re Funny! I like you ❤️ Now sweetie, provide me those web pages, email addresses and phone numbers of your sources. I know, right? 😆
  13. It's sounds like you've been reading a lot of CONSPIRACY THEORIES Agenda 21 in a nutshell is a plan to force for people to live in urban areas to stop the money from fleeing to the suburbs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agenda_21 I strongly don't know if there's a strong connection between this and the vaccination or maybe I forgot to order some of your pre-made thin foil hats. Here's my 20% coupon for my hat please. Kidding aside. I understand that Agenda 21 is real but I don't think it's viable in this country ( I live in the US) or the Philippine islands because there isn't adequate support on it. The technology that would put a microchip in our body doesn't exist YET. Q17, Nobody is going to force you in getting the shot. It's your Constitutional RIGHT to take it or not. Absolutely! Lastly, some people sure love to think they are acquainted with some kind of special information.
  14. Taking my dog to the groomer, browsing for some titles in a bookstore and reading an email from an old friend.
  15. Hi Commander in Chief! I haven’t been attending our intergalactic meeting about our plans to go to Mars sorry about that! 🙁
  16. Miss ko na itong Crispy Liempo. I miss my LOLA. Sana may magrecommend ng restaurant for me na may luto nito.
  17. That’s Good! 👍🏻 Just remember if you’re experiencing mood swings, It’s not YOU. It’s the vaccine. Any rashes : perfectly normal.
  18. We’ve broken up because he lives far away and he doesn’t want to move here. 🙂
  19. How can i have a rational conversation with someone who sees discrimination everywhere even the most reasoned and thoughtful statement? I can imagine why you would feel what I said was discrimination. But I see nothing to apologize for. Anyway, I’m encouraging more people to get theirs. Who knows what the future holds for the rest of us. I honestly don’t want to be injected with anti-bodies in my system. Numbers of people are dying to this day and I just want to stop wearing masks anymore!
  20. I’ve taken the Moderna vaccine a month ago and on to my second in June. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled of the prospect of getting it because I’ve been on the plane since the pandemic and shutdown began. I didn’t feel funny or sick but I realized that it’s important that we have to encourage people in getting the vaccine and to save other people’s lives. We can endanger other people’s lives by being a vessel of Covid. It sound dramatic but it’s reality. If people choose not to get vaccinated then they’re fully responsible of what happens to their family, relatives and friends. If people are still convinced that Covid didn’t have an impact in India - God help us! 😢
  21. So President Biden announced that you CAN walk indoors without a mask on and the people of New York City are partying like the Prohibition has ended just like it had almost a 100 years ago. This is pretty serious 🙁

    1. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Majority of Americans for you. 😂

    2. Viola


      Lets wait and see. 

    3. MandyOffDuty


      Is it a good decision??? Hmmmm

  22. Girl : Do these jeans make me look fat?

    Boy: Do you promise NOT to get mad at me no matter what I say? 

    Girl : Yes, I promise!

    Boy: I f*cked your sister. 

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