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  1. Got curious didn't try, but planning, kgaya sinabi ni ms.nightwriter if you have money to spend maybe try ko.little profit gusto ko lnf maisahan din sana mga scammers kaso dibko p maisip paano
  2. Miss ko na pinas!!!!

  3. tindero ng sapatos, tindero ng bisekleta. magbantay ng mga tindero ng sapatos
  4. i agree. diretsuhan na heheheh para diretsong advice n din.
  5. bought an asus rog 3, battery gaming and as a router gets me through the whole day
  6. like the nikes from basketball to running to lifestyle but this 4d is something for me
  7. SUITS watch it how many times already 9 seasons, all season did not bore me watching
  8. battery is reliable kaya di ko n nasusuot iba ko relo puro eto na lng
  9. its a risk we have to take, syempre with added prayers na din. problem sa gustong mag abroad, like here in kuwait they chose 4 vaccines lng na iaccept nila makalabas at makapsok ulit. funny is before sinovac recommended nila now its down to 1. pfizer 2.astrazenecca 3. moderna 4. johnson and jonhson which is companies na to are handled by some rich locals kaya yan push nila. and balita di nagkasundo sa chinese vaccine not sure kung price or number of vaccines.
  10. agree, gusto ko n din magbakasyon sa pinas, miss ko n lupang sinilangan, kahit magulo dyan naman tyo lumaki
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