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  1. Narnia, Hardy Boys, local NBS compilations of Marvel titles
  2. Sa tingin ko lang, the industry is still in the doldrums or a holding pattern. The removal from the scene of a major broadcast studio and the chilling effect of the pandemic have much to do with this. I also think that when the country starts picking itself up, the entertainment industry will follow. But they won't lead the way, because they are subject to the same forces and conditions as the rest of us. The last movie I saw that put a good faith effort on excellence was Goyo. It wasn't perfect, but it hit all the points it wanted to make. Its big shortcoming is also one it shares with many works of cinema or literature, in that it tries to speak for everyone, for all time. It would have been much better imho if it just identified its particular p.o.v. and defended it successfully. Or maybe that was the point they wanted to make in the first place. Pasong Tirad was a heroic effort, but ultimately a failed defense.
  3. BTW, I see nothing wrong whatsoever with your English (or your Tagalog, for that matter.) If the grammar nazis start circling, send them all to Nuremburg! Have a great day.
  4. I for one think it's sad when parents try to create their own narrative instead of observing and/or communicating, then working from there. I don't think they're consciously meaning to manipulate the situation. It just looks like they're unfamiliar with their daughter's culture and are trying to "control" the response. Everyone is lucky that awkwardness is as far as it got.
  5. Hi First, I love this blog and have begun following it after reading one entry. Also, is it really hard to live in and maintain an old farmhouse and its acreage when there are only two of you, and you live in the middle of Children of the Cornland? For myself, I love the idea of an idyllic solitude in some expansive countryside, but balk at the prospect of spending hours upon hours of treating old wood, mending shingles, riding a mower, maintaining hundreds of yards of drive, etc. Anyway, it's a delight reading your stuff. Take care and stay awesome.
  6. My favorite is still Subaru for the 6th year running. But am seriously considering BMW for the next one.
  7. Insurance and updated papers, emergency road kit and tools, +1 on insurance, +1 on ppe and personal hygiene supplies, 1 day's meds if you are on maintenance, smart phone
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