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  1. apologies for the low qual pic, but just want to share my new keyb, Royal Kludge RK 100
  2. not sure if this is the right forum portion to pose this question, but i'm starting to dabble into the mech keyboard scene preference is a full layout since I like my numpad for work will the keychron K600 be a good buy? planning for the red switches another question is, is there another make and model with the same functionalities and design of the Keychron K600 but of a lower price point? editing, since upon further research, looks like K600 is not hotswappable
  3. almost a year, but still not over the loss... it will never, EVER be the same

    1. NightWriter


      @SiLvErClAw I understand how you feel. I wish I can give you big hug today. Always remember that I’m here for you.
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  4. well, in my case, no one ever got sleazy on me LOL and sometimes, I leave events before things get sleazy what I liked during those days were the after-party coffee drinks, THAT's where I got to know my tonite family, who I stay in touch with even to this day admittedly, i get attracted with the physical, but the attraction has more OOMPH when combined with intellect and the attractions lingers around more when the other party is intellectual so yeah, I won't be a hypocrite to say i'm not prone to physical attraction, but I guess without the intellect, that attraction won't hold
  5. yeah, a lot of people moved on, some of them I still get in touch with in facebook would you believe I only experience the party life due to MTC, and when those event waned, my interest in partying also waned? was and always will be a wall flower
  6. natawa naman ako sa master shifu heheheh well, for me the other site is an escape and reminiscing for intellectual discussions, yeah, this has more options
  7. hello, NW yeah, with mainstream media always sensationalizing negatively impacting actions all through out the world, I have to agree but then again, what we can do as people is to teach the kids how to defend themselves, and not lock them in a bubble also we all have to learn when to run or stand our ground
  8. sad, that they realized their mistake too late, and now the girl is set in her ways... and I thought I was sheltered growing up
  9. Riot ID mo paps? medyo bano nga lang, 2 months blank, naiwan na ng mga dating ka team
  10. SEA server here, primarily playing hongkong servers for lowest ping tara, unrated hehehhe
  11. Nitro 5 AN515-43 laptop, 24 inch NVision curved monitor, 75HZ
  12. hirap pag breadwinner, nasasacrifice mo pansarili mo madalas
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