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Your Message to the "One That Got Away"

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  • The Internet Superstar changed the title to The Ones Who Got Away? What's Your Message If They Are Reading This?
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I really like you. For years, ever since nakilala kita. Nagka-sundo tayo sa kalokohan. Kahit sa life goals, pareho tayo ng gusto. Kung alam ko lang back then na may chance ako sayo, I would've held to that. Though, hindi lang talaga siguro tayo para sa isa't isa. Sinubukan kong mag-intay kaso, kinasal ka na. Ngayong pwede ka na, engage naman na ako. I know we tried to get things to work, pero LDR, and ayokong saktan yung isa. Plus, I think you still have some shit you need to work on. Though, if given that chance we can be together, I'll grab that opportunity. I just hope that...in another life, we could be together. Sorry kung nasaktan kita and things didn't end as we expected. I wish you all the best. Sana makahanap ka ng guy na magpapa-saya sa'yo. That you'll annoy with your cuteness, and can really appreciate who you are. I know that were not suuppose to say the L word, but I love you.

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Baby Jean, my pearl, that  last time we parted and you held my hand tight and seemingly asking me to stop you from getting in the car and drive away.  I should have not let  go and instead pulled you close to me to be never ever be apart.

If you read this, first love rarely becomes the one you spend your lifetime with, but what they say is true... It never dies. 

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Of course I still Love you.

Sorry we screwed up and made bad decisions and it's too late to patch and fix things up. We can't be together now but I guess we can try again next lifetime. Dont worry, I don't hold any grudges, so just be happy and let's enjoy the rest of this ride.

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  • Ice changed the title to The One Who Got Away? What's Your Message If They Are Reading This?
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I was 21 when i met you, you were 37. I fell in love with you and you said you loved me too. 

It was too late when i found out you were married. I had to let you go of course. 

If you were single, i never would have let you go.

I never stopped loving you. From time to time, i still think of you. I tell myself, if only... 

Now im 39, you would be 55 now. I hope you had a good life. 18years have passed and i still hold our good memories in my heart. 

Once again, if only you were free...

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  • Do Better changed the title to Your Message to the "One That Got Away"

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