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  1. light ammo supplier kaya, meron ba production nang mga bala sa Pilipinas?
  2. my take, learn and learn and learn, read, read and read, attend seminars as much as possible. if you are a risk-taker (gambler) you can join anytime, hahaha
  3. brand awareness, marketing and advertising at its best, hahaha! in the phils, may colonial mentality pa din ang mga pinoy.
  4. i dunno, maybe with someone else. and yes, still affectin me kasi im immature, stupid and horny, kaya ako hiniwalayan and iniwan 🙂
  5. milf officemate, hindi makadiskarte eh, baka isumbong ako kay gf 🙂
  6. you need to help yourself kasi wala din namang ibang tutulong sa iyo kundi sarili mo lang din. your family will always be there, your true friends will be there but end of the day, you need to be there for yourself lang din. sa iba madali, sa iba din mahirap.
  7. 3yrs old Timberland and yes, Made in Philippines.
  8. mahal subscription nang apple music 🙂
  9. i think every filipino knows the lyrics of his song(s). aminin man natin or hindi.
  10. 2mos more then i have some extra money for PS5, local gaming shops since available naman dito sa lugar ko.
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