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  1. Dear Elon Musk, I'm sure you've probably watched a Miss Universe Pageant once in your life. And probably observed that Filipinos are genetically beautiful. Can you save the Filipinos a seat on Starship please? Make Mars beautiful!
  2. I consumed it for the entertainment value. It was a trip. I felt so intelligent while the movie was running, and felt I lost IQ after the movie.
  3. For some it's eating nothing but meat, for others it's vegetables. What's your diet strategy to stay fit?
  4. ExpressVPN has fewer connection options. Doesn't have controls which server/IP to connect to. You just pick a location, and you get connected to whichever server/IP is available.
  5. Summary: Not reliable compared to ExpressVPN I unsubscribed to CyberGhost VPN after 2 weeks of using it. Their service is "hit and miss", sometimes you connect to the specific server you want, sometimes you get connected randomly to other servers in another country. For some users this is just OK, but for some who require connecting to specific locations, this wont work. Some websites also do not fully load. Here's my goodbye letter to them Hi There. I REALLY wanted to like CyberGhost but I just find the connections not reliable. Sometimes I am able to connect to a server that I
  6. ...you keep logging into your online bank account, staring into the abyss
  7. I've always been a fan of free energy from solar panels. In the past 10 years I've collected several solar panels that I bought online, but I've never really invested in a solar panel array to power our home. It just doesn't beat the cheapness and comfort of using energy from the grid. This is more like a hobby at this time, still after 10 years. Sigh. This thread will attempt to evaluate the current practicality of solar power generation. Which is better for everyone, in the long term?
  8. At 45 I Dreamed of Death (2019 Marc 22) At 45 the universe connected with me through my dreams, told me to hold you tight. In my dreams I saw the planet killer, devourer of life, ender of hope, the apocalypse in the form of a giant space rock. The radio said we had 2 minutes left but death pummelled through the clouds earlier than expected. I don't think it mattered. No length of time is enough to say goodbyes. We were at the top of Antipolo overlooking Ortigas. At first it was slow, beautiful almost to behold. Without warning the huge object accelerated and disintegrated buildings throwi
  9. 9. Do you work with accountants or lawyers? If you're a business owner or have other complex financial circumstances, or you're looking to create a strategy for your estate, chances are other professionals will need to coordinate with your financial advisor. Will the financial advisor you’re considering work with professionals already on your team? Will they provide referrals if you need these services? 10. What resources will I have when working with you? Depending on the financial advisor, they may work independently or as part of an investment organization. This may be import
  10. 7. How will you communicate with me, and how often? Communication is key to any successful relationship. A financial advisor should be proactive. They should give you regular updates and the latest investment guidance and research. And they should periodically check in to see if your needs have changed since the last time you met. The right amount of communication will of course vary from person to person. It's a personal preference – strike a balance that works for you. When you've decided to hire an advisor, agree on how often you’ll touch base before you commit. You should expect
  11. 5. How are you paid? Financial advisors use a variety of fee structures. Ask what approach they use – a percentage of the assets managed, a flat fee, transaction fees, an hourly rate or a combination of approaches. A good financial advisor will be candid about how they’re compensated. 6. How will you track my investment performance? Ask your financial advisor what success looks like when it comes to your specific financial goals. The answer will help you learn what they value. Then consider if their values align with yours. In your day-to-day life, your financial advisor sh
  12. 3. What professional experience do you have? Beyond financial planning, many financial advisors have other career experience that could benefit you. They might be a former accountant or someone with a managerial background. Many financial advisors are former military members or teachers, which may fit well with you. If they’re newer in their careers, consider that these professionals often bring a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to their work. Also consider if they’re backed by the resources of an established firm, which can be a win for both of you. Many financial advis
  13. 1. How do we work together? Between work and family commitments, it’s crucial to find someone who makes good use of your limited time. Ask about when and how they can meet with you. Do they have evening or weekend hours? If you can't or don't want to meet in person, do they have tools, like web conferences, to meet virtually? How often will they meet with you? Besides the basic logistics of meeting with a financial advisor, it's important to see if your approach to working with someone aligns with them. Maybe you like to be very hands-on, or perhaps you like the idea of turning over
  14. Planning your future can seem daunting without the help of mentors and guides. That is why there are financial advisors. Yes, they will cost you, but the overall effect is worth it. They can will ask you questions first, and you will have to ask them questions too. The more you open up to your advisor the more they can tailor fit investments and other things for you. Here are 10 questions you should ask your financial advisors.
  15. Hello Sky 😀

  16. God (Christian) loves us so much that he has given us freedom of choice, freedom to do what we want. We have brought the pandemic onto ourselves and our fellow human beings. The Pandemic is not the work of God. It is the result of the freedom God has given us. If I gave you a school ruler and asked you to measure your table it would be an easy task, but if I asked you to measure your house using a school ruler it would be very difficult. But if I gave you a carpenters tape measure you can easily measure your house. With the same tape measure I will ask you to measure Malacanang Palace, th
  17. The "knowledgeable" ones are fierce. The "lukewarm" ones are the ones who don't really have a grasp of their beliefs, they are the ones who will want to excuse themselves from an intellectual conversation. That's why it's difficult to have a friendly debate because of lack of participants. The atheists and the agnostics are the chill ones coz they really don't have nothing to prove. It's like going down a mountain. But the faithful ones are the ones climbing mountains, pushing a boulder upwards. And, the more pain the pandemic brings, the bigger the boulder becomes. This challenge an
  18. We share some similar views. Have you given it thought, that maybe your religious freedom was because of Christianity's flexible value system? In some religions they will persecute you if you denounce. I have not fully done research on this subtopic. Sadly, you cannot engage religious people in an intellectual discussion on the internet. Maybe it's because faith and logic are on different sides of the spectrum. There's are many scientists and engineers that I know who are extremely successful in their fields, can explain physics flawlessly, can do engineering error-free, etc. Bu
  19. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/philippines Here's the link.
  20. Here's proof. Interactive Covid Infection Data Comparing Various Countries
  21. Let's overlay the religion map with the Covid map. Maybe we will see which religion is correct. Definitely not India. Not Brazil. Not Sweden. Not Turkey.
  22. USA is a Christian country that does not know how to share vaccines? Russia has no religion (according to map) but they have vaccine technology? Hinduism is taking a beating in India with the highest Covid fatalities. Brazil is fully Christian but they're fully infected as well.
  23. You think in Islamic places there are Atheists too? Here's a map to aide us in our search for God during the Pandemic 🙂 Map of the religions of the world
  24. Hi @just_checking, are you one of them? Hi @Nightwriter, I was a sacristan during my teenage life. I asked questions but were unanswered. Which made me not believe anymore. But now that I'm a grandfather, I realized that it was unfair to base my faith on that priest that I interrogated. It was not fair. So I did my own research, I wanted to give Christianity a fair chance by defending it myself. I read books about it, not just the bible.
  25. Cryptocurrencies by market capitalization Bitcoin $1.2 trillion Ethereum $263.4 billion Binance Coin $87 billion XRP $81.8 billion Tether $45.4 billion Cardano $44.7 billion Polkadot $39.3 billion Uniswap $18.8 billion Litecoin $18.1 billion Stellar $14.9 billion
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