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  1. Still used for walking around the market... Nike Zoom All Out Flyknit
  2. My rubber shoes collection is busy... collecting dust! 🤣
  3. Do you guys also use lotion to smoothen your skins? Nivea is OK for starters, take note there are lotions specific for men.
  4. I was reading a book while waiting for lunch... I was wearing my Anna Sui Glasses... so simple design
  5. Earlier this morning at the super secret, super exclusive, you can't enter coz pandemic gym... I was wearing my old Nike shoes and pants. My cousin owns it so he allowed me to enter.
  6. Congratulations to everyone who got vaxxed! Thank you also for posting and sharing your personal experiences. Let's hope this chapter of our lives will be over soon. Kakapagod na!
  7. I used to be proud of seeing Made in UP politicians but spox just made me cringe when he interpreted the community pantries as not a sign of distrust. There will be no community pantries if the ayuda system worked in the first place. P4,000 per family is not enough. You close down businesses and handout ayudas? 4K will not be able to feed a family until April 30. It's an imagination. A wild one! An imagination you get while sedated in a hospital bed, about to undergo cesarean. We have 10 days to go, yipee! I hope they stop blaming businesses as the cause of the spikes. Business owners exert effort to follow procedures. The incentive is there to keep their businesses clean, sila din naman magkakasakit if they don't disinfect. The spikes are from the congested residentials. The reason why the spikes were traced back to the businesses? - because houses don't have contact tracing.
  8. Dear Uncle DU30, Please hurry up with the Dito roll out. We need to sedate (further) the Filipinos before they become an angry mob. Lesser latency please with less data caps. Please make sure to have more coverage in the NCR+ bubble since this will be the hotspots of the (red)tagged. Dito should organize a TikTok dance contest. Weekly winners, culminating every month. Make this last until elections next year. That will surely sedate the poor. Mobile Legends Championships in every barangay. To help reduce the infections by keeping the tambays at home. For the middle class I suggest we give away free Netflix for every registered voter, let's use the ayuda list. Vue is owned by the yellows and we might not get a good deal from them. Please negotiate for the Netflix HD Bundle. The rich do not need sedating, we are busy with gardening. 🙂
  9. Alone Again by Gilbert O"Sullivan
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