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  1. He won't let me go. We got back together. He is trying. We aren't perfect but he has improved. He is now more mindful of my feelings. There are still a lot of things we need to work out. But for now, we are happy. He can see us together 10,20years from now. He said he is in this for the long haul. 

  2. Penge kausap. Sakit. 

    1. Nightwriter


      Hi Viola, I dedicate this song for you. Take care of yourself okay?

      Hindi ako nakapag online ng maaga, We’ll catch up next time.




    2. Viola


      @Nightwriter actually.. masakit because natalo president ko. But i accepted it as early as Monday night. I just needed someone to talk to at the time. 

      As for my ex, we still talk but im standing my ground. He wants me to take him back. But I really can't right now.

  3. So i broke up with him. He doesnt want to but i guess when one party wants to leave, you've broken up.

    There were a lot of red flags. I can justify most of them. But he became verbally abusive that i had to draw the line. 

    He said he has anger issues and that's why he lashed out on me. But when the verbal abuse continued, i had to stand my ground.

    And although, i still want to be with him, unless there's a change somewhere, then he would just continue to last out on me. And im not one to be abused like that. 

    1. Nightwriter


      @Viola I'm sorry to hear that you and Soyboy are no longer together. He didn't take rejection lightly but that's fine, I hope you'll stand your ground and not given in. No matter what he will tell you : the fact still that he needs to grow up and resolve whatever he has in his heart.

      You can't be the ex girlfriend's doppelganger. If I were you, I won't mind him ranting along because that's how little boys do when they don't get what they want. 

      You're not a plaything, You're a humanbeing. You are not going to accept this kind of behavior. You are not going to walk on eggshells everytime he gets upset with you.

      You are not his mommy or his therapist. 😕

      Viola, You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It won't happen automatically. You have to rise up and say " I don't care how hard this, I don't care how disappointed I am, I'm not going to let this get the best of me. I'm moving on with my life".

      Happy Cat GIF by Kagami Shinohara

  4. Anybody online to chat?

  5. So he finally labelled your relationship but plot twist, he still thinks about his ex and he says you sometimes reminds him of his ex too. 

    Should you stay in the relationship or go?

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    2. Nightwriter


      Hun, I think he's probably thinking all the good things that he had with this girl but you can't be HER by proxy. I think he's immature, He can't say things like that to you. Time for Mr. Wonderful to HIT THE ROAD! 


    3. Viola


      @Nightwriter he chose me over his ex. The girl wanted him back after almost a year of nothing. When she called him, he told her that he already has a girlfriend. That's how he finally labelled things. But since the ex was involved, we had a talk first wherein he said he was so close to getting over his ex because he has me. But that sometimes i remind him of his ex. And when his ex called, he got all confused but he is absolutely sure that he wants to be with me and not his ex. 

    4. Nightwriter


      Hun,  I think you’re worth more than a complication. The guy is a child, he doesn’t have any idea what he wanted in his life. The girl will probably use him like a dish rag and do whatever and come back for some more. Is he still around in your life? 😑. I hope he’s worth your time. 

  6. Here I go again... Getting my heart trampled on. 

  7. Is there anybody still online on this site??

  8. Booster shot is keeping me awake. 

  9. Viola

    Another ordinary day

    Today, i turn 40. Yet it feels like another ordinary day. No plans. No celebration. It has been like this for more than a decade now. I wish i can have one birthday where my year and life is celebrated. Im so tired of always taking the backseat.
  10. Turning 40 in a few hours. This time, i'd like to celebrate my birthday. 

  11. Another weird and vivid dream thay i dont want to forget but i will It started with me working and the internet went down. So i took my laptop and a makeshift table, went up a post and hooked myself up directly sa cable internet and started working. Not minding the uncomfortable position or that im physically defying the laws of physics Then i heard someone call my name, i looked down(because im still propped up in a post) and it was my ex. My first bf actually. I went down the post and we talked and i asked him if he has internet. He did and so we went to his house. After that, he took me back to my house and we rekindled our relationship. For some reason, he and i attended this party where couples need to ask each other 5 very personal questions. Next scene was apparently, we are now living together but we were fighting because i never asked him to go to any comic cons.. and i told him it is because ive never attended one and he changed into this drag queen and he said if you love me, we'll go to the comic con in LA because lady gaga is going to be there.
  12. Viola


    Eleven days in to 2022 and Im also on day 11 of my quarantine. Yes, I tested positive for that dreadful COVID, along with the rest of my family. What a way to start the year huh? I hope this is the worst of 2022 because the end of 2021 hasn't been too good to my heart. My heart was broken during the holidays. This time around, I won't wait anymore.
  13. Staying away from Stars for a bit. Nobody posts here anyway. For those who matter, you have my number. 

    Im always on edge, thinking if it is the end.

    So i'll refocus on myself. Move on. Meet people and allow myself to be with someone who wants to be with me in return. 

    Thank you Stars. Thank you to the friends i've made. Call or text me. 

    To the enemies ive made, may you burn in hell.

    To the one who held my heart, im taking it back. I wish you luck. 

    1. Nightwriter


      I hope you’ll be fine. 

  14. Someone who cant decide what they want. I call them urong-sulong type. Just go for it of you want it or leave. One of the things i know is a wrong move on my end which ended up hurting me is trusting someone to keep a promise and then when i look back, they never really said the words "i promise".. so there was never really a promise to keep. Wrong move I assumed they promised but they never did.
  15. Someone online just asked me to marry them. And I dont even know them. hahaha. What is happening to the world?!?

  16. Im sorry for still relying on you. Im sorry that i still seek you for comfort. I'll do better. Please bear with me while i re-learn to rely on myself again. I know, I am not your burden.
  17. First night back home and im woke up from a nightmare

  18. Last night i got all drunk. Had a wine and cheese night with my team. It would be awesome to be with someone special though.
  19. Are we limited discussing the thread starter's wrong moves or wrong moves in general? In my opinion, may wrong move for other women pero right move sa iba. So get to know muna the person you like. But ung wrong move for me is ung naninigurado muna bago mag moves talaga. I dont believe in wasting time, so if someone likes me, i wish they would tell me right away so i can respond accordingly.
  20. I have a bad feeling... Historical data shows the same behavioral patterns. 

  21. Im supposed to be relaxing but part of me wants to open my laptop and work. 

  22. Woke up at 130am. Now i cant sleep. I really just want to have 8 hours of sleep. Im averaging 2-4 hours of sleep daily. Sigh. 

  23. Good news!! My new laptop is getting delivered tomorrow!!! 

  24. Excited for this weekend's staycation. 🙂 I'll finally get to go out. 

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