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  1. To motivate myself before workout I watch Youtube training videos like this one


  2. The best vaccine,” Duque added, quoting US epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, “is the vaccine that is available.” China wanted to give 100,000 of the donated vaccines to the military. 30,000 for DND. 70,000 for AFP.
  3. Nograles owns IKOT.PH and he's filled it with campaign materials already. He is probably aligned with the other politicians featured in the website 🙂
  4. What's your opinion? Hindi naman porket sumasayaw ay trapo na, di ba? If it swims like a fish and looks like a fish, is it a fish?
  5. Is Karlo Nograles a good public servant? Please post first hand info regarding this guy. Verified sana.
  6. Genetically engineered humans called man 2.0 with 4 arms and huge torso
  7. VIDEO: I'm at an airport in Japan during the 2021 Pandemic
  8. VIDEO: I'm on a train on the way to the airport. Hi @Khaleesi . Thanks for the compliment. I'm actually older at mid 20's
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