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Have You Been Vaccinated? - What Covid 19 Vaccine Did You Get?

What Covid 19 Vaccine Did You Get? (Answers can be changed anytime)  

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  1. 1. What Covid 19 Vaccine Did You Get (Answers can be changed anytime)

    • Moderna (P3,900) Made in USA
    • Sinovac (P3,600) Made in China
    • Pfizer-BioNTech (P2,379) Made in USA and Global Partners
    • Gamaleya Sputnik V (P1,220) Made in Russia
    • COVAX Facility (P854) Made by World Health Organization
    • AstraZeneca (P610) Made by British-Swedish
    • Novavax (P366) Made in USA
    • None yet, haven't decided
    • I do not believe in Covid19 and I will not be vaccinated
    • Johnson & Johnson
  2. 2. Did you get a FREE Vaccine from the government? (Answers can be changed anytime)

    • YES, FREE from the government
    • NO, I PAID for my own vaccine
    • None yet, haven't decided
    • I do not believe in Covid19 and I will not be vaccinated

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"Herd Immunity" is fake medical "science." 

"Vaccination" is fake medical "science." 

"Viruses" is fake medical "science."

Tests for cancer, hiv, coronavirus / covid-19/21 all fake.

Too many decades they have been teaching us fake things.

I know my real healing science because I have been curing people for free with incurable diseases for more than 10 years.

I know my science, the patients I cured know real science because they experienced actual cures.

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