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  1. Scrambled eggs with various herbs and other surprises! And meatless sausage.
  2. Read the latest Rigoberto Tiglao article, I agree with most of the content. I'm worried that he is right.
  3. Any idea or concept that you want to talk about during breakfast. I keep seeing this feed on my FB, the female who asks science experts to explain big ideas while on an elevator ride, and the experts are supposed to finish explaining after the short ride.
  4. Di lahat ng magaganda’y sasaktan ka lang... Not all good-looking ones are out to break your heart

  5. I find that during breakfast time, my mind is racing with ideas. What's inside your brain this morning?
  6. Shrimps and egg noodles. Keto is so delicious!
  7. At The Top World, drinking coffee for the brain 🧠
  8. At The Top World, eating scrambled eggs! 👍
  9. Starbucks Pike Place - Smooth and balanced, medium roast
  10. Stabucks Komodo Dragon - Complex herbal... our favorite dark roast, we buy this every other month!
  11. Starbucks Ethiopia - Citrus and dark cocoa... surprisingly a medium roast!
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