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  1. Ang β€œinit” ay hindi totoo, at gawa gawa lang ng mga illuminati. πŸ˜„ - happy summer everyone!

  2. Buttered dinner rolls for breakfast. It’s possible πŸ˜ƒ
  3. SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES! Half a dozen Marvel movies are showing this year!

    1. Viola


      Im excited for the eternals...Β 

    2. Miles Gonzalo Morales

      Miles Gonzalo Morales

      The edit of these teasers sent shivers down my spine. The voice of Stan Lee, the musical score and the titles teased make you simply hopeful for the days, months and a couple of years to come. ❀️

  4. The formula on how to be famous (in the PH) has been discovered! Step 1: Make a statement that will insult everyone, like tinola is water with salt. Step 2: Wait for people to be aggressive. Step 3: Apologize. Step 4: Play victim, kawawa naman ako binabash sa internet. Who have we seen done this?
  5. Spirulina shake, no sugar. Just like drinking powdered dilis. Haha
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