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  1. VIDEO: Almost spring at Guisborough Forest, many birds singing
  2. VIDEO: The stupendous white sea at Saltburn today, mesmerising power of nature!
  3. I really must get to a phone shop for a new battery - mine didn’t last long enough to get more pics of the spectacular waves coming in from North sea today ! Lovely walk along the pier before a forage up Saltburn Valley Gardens
  4. Look how over 80 year olds death rate in England & Wales has spiked since the roll out of the vaccine began. This page was taken off PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND web site... but now no longer viewable.
  5. Bro, the estimated cost is indicated above. Schedule is still up in the clouds. Maybe people in congress have inside info.
  6. Hi Juliana, just dropping by. Have a nice day!

  7. Saw the hospital bill of my mother in-law. HHAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY
  8. Photos from my place
  9. What's the most incredible, unforgettable, biggest, awesome, coincidence that ever happened to you? Marrying a person who has the same name as I have...
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