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  1. Did not send my 2 boys to college. Got them training on multiple businesses, multiple investments. Not wasting time on college for 9-5 single income.
  2. Not getting electric cars until it is totally mainstream.
  3. I have been curing cancers for FREE for 13 years now. If you guys are attentive I will teach you how REAL CANCER CURES are done. The medical profession, its schools and hospitals are intentionally scamming you of this fraud for DECADES.
  4. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/02/01/the-non-existent-virus-it-undercuts-all-other-stories/ It's all fake.
  5. All your fake pharma stats are garbage. Look SAD. It is this simple. Do you want to discuss VIRUS CURES or NOT?
  6. "Now that we are equals... pare, asan na ang 1% direct fatalities from anti covid vaxx? Show to us the 650,000 side effects." - not ever dealing with FAKE STATS, FRAUD MEDICAL DIS INFO. You've seen the censorship in MSM and Social Media. It's all propaganda. You DO NOT CURE VIRUSES. The medical profession does not claim to cure viruses. The only thing I CAN TRUST is actually CURING PEOPLE HANDS ON. Waiting for someone like YOU to at least ASK HOW VIRUSES are CURED. REAL SCIENCE belongs to people who ACTUALLY CURE VIRUSES. I Cure Virus infections for FREE. Everything else is BUNK FALSE! Are you even CURIOUS?
  7. I cure cancers and I cure viruses for FREE and have been doing so for 13 years. This is what I'm talking about. Why I have the bluster to talk about things. I don't depend on fake news stats. I don't depend on fake medical history, fake pharma shit. It's not a conspiracy when I CURE PEOPLE FOR FREE. Just wishing to SAVE PEOPLE. Why you should be more CURIOUS. When I say I CURE VIRUSES for FREE you guys CHALLENGE ME... ... and then be CURIOUS ENOUGH TO ASK: HOW DO YOU CURE VIRUSES FOR FREE? WHY ARE YOU NOT CURIOUS? You guys should feel so BLESSED... you have someone volunteering to TEACH YOU how to CURE VIRUSES for FREE. So that you STOP behaving like scared SHEEPLE. I dare call you SHEEPLE to wake you up. That there is HIGHER KNOWLEDGE the powers that be are hiding from you. You are being TAKEN FOR A RIDE. INUUTO KAYO. GINAGAWA NILA KAYONG TANGA.
  8. Sad Flyer, The big issue is FREEDOM. Freedom to NOT BE TESTED. Freedom to NOT BE VAXXED. Freedom to OPEN UP BUSINESSES. Freedom to TRAVEL. The SHEEP who believe in being suckered by the New World Order every time, every year, every decade... you SHEEP go about being SHEEP, while the rest of us who differ in opinion LEAVE US ALONE.
  9. Black baseball legend HOPED to inspire black people to get vaxxed... ... DIES after 2 weeks.
  10. It's not natural for MOST women to be bread winners. Strong men have no "hinaing" about being bread winners or SOLE breadwinners.
  11. I am the breadwinner. I am the leader. I lead my descendants to hopefully successful values, health, wealth, wisdom, reproductivity.
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