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  1. I think not all. Few of them have a principle against vaccination given the research and information pertains on its adverse effects and continuing emphasizing of compromise in terms of right to travel and right to descent living just to be vaccinated in a mandatory manner. Don't underestimate the few because it could implode something that the government never like to see- wide range protest against vaccination (ok assuming there's a communist stuff mixing on us but honestly, they're not included in our advocacy) We just only have a stand: NO TO MANDATORY VACCINATION. Plain and simp
  2. I rather to be jobless unlike some are vaccinated but eventually die on its effect. Are you still sleepy with regards on vaccine passport bill in Congress? Your job security and right to travel is at stake
  3. You should join the Flatten the Fear group and you will know the danger of that so called vaccine
  4. My first post here. Lakers has a big hole to filled up after McGee and Howard exit. Harrell and Marc Gasol could not be enough for them.
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