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What Made you Sad Today?

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On 1/4/2021 at 5:23 PM, Angel said:

I will pay taxes soon.

This also made me sad. I looked at how much I'm paying the government in mandatory contributions and taxes on a month to month basis... It is close to 15-16k/month.  

And then I realize since I'm middle-class I'm not a priority in any government programs that middle-class taxes helped fund.

Also, i started treating someone as a friend but that someone doesn't see me as one. 

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sm sucat made me sad today.

I went there to get curtains that were on sale yesterday... They are no longer on sale.

Went to get highlighters, they were out of stock.

Went to buy at a specific store , they are already closed. 😞

today's errand is a massive failure. 

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