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  1. a very cold laptop. 4 exhaust! will last longer than most laptops since the parts will be maintained at optimal temp. good choice!
  2. Students who die during hazing miscalculated themselves. They thought they could go through it, but their bodies were weak. Wasted futures.
  3. The Caves of Steel (1954) The Naked Sun (1957) The Robots of Dawn (1983) Robots and Empire (1985) All written by Isaac Asimov, I can't believe I read them all. What a nerd.
  4. Link already in Wikipedia I'm not sure if this counts but wikipedia already has it. The internet never lies. hehe
  5. This website made me smile today, Netflix too, it rained then the sun came out, and it rained again. Snow made me smile also.
  6. My energy level made me sad today. Gone are the days when I could jump around, run around, joke around... getting old.
  7. Avoid the superior types (men or women). They will always make you feel inadequate. No matter what you do it will never be enough for them. Even if you did beat them in a certain issue they will always find a way to change the rules. A good person will give you chance to win fights. I hope I made sense.
  8. I don't judge people based on what they wear.
  9. Are we talking about the physical aspect? I guess we are.
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