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  1. Avoid someone who will never make the same investment you are doing with them
  2. (PC) On the mainstream Dota2, Valorant and FFXIV. Current released D2 Resurrected is on the radar as well
  3. Toyo Mansi na may konting Chili Garlic, Custom spiced vinegar (w/ onions, tomato, cucumber, patis, asukal, paminta hehe) if all else fails... Knorr Liquid Seasoning
  4. 😷

    1. Yuri06


      This one is a no brainer hands down Dave Chappelle 

  5. In this current arc of my life, completely void of warmth and direction... I am not sure why it has to be you that fills my empty heart with joy that I long for... You are a flame to me... Like a moth to a candle, you bring a sense of direction and warmth to my dark surrounding. I always long to see and feel you, but I always get hurt when I try to get closer. All I can do is appreciate you from a distance, knowing that doing more will set me ablaze or worse... Might extinguish you completely... ....ititigil ko na ang drama, makatulog na hehe
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