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  1. Because I'm giving up caffeine for Lent, my cravings involve coffee, tea, or coke. Also lechon kawali.
  2. Efficacy rates vary by brand, I imagine. IIRC Sinopharm has a 79% nominal efficacy rate (nominal absent release of public clinical data) per this news post. Not that it's stopping antivaxxers and COVIDiots alike from peddling their misinformation/conspiracy theories/etc. but I digress.
  3. Kadebostany - Walking with a Ghost
  4. Century Tuna. Perfect for those moments when you absolutely, positively need a midnight snack.
  5. We live in the dark to love in the light; such is the fate of those who linger in twilight.
  6. Mindy Jones's cover of Champions of the Wild Side (Bjarke Niemann)
  7. What's the betting some of us from other countries have already been vaccinated according to the schedules of their respective host countries?
  8. To answer the question: used to, until I moved to Bohol. We have a Monopoly set in my place in San Juan, and every now and then me and my siblings would play Monopoly with each other...
  9. Heto SiPrinceAli!
    Dumating SiPrinceAli!


    Yes, Dorothy: ako SiPrinceAli, and I serve as a moderator in a forum completely different from this one, with PG-13 restrictions and a global reach. That is why when someone is erecting a pillar of salt over staff policy, I just SMFH. I do this mainly because I can somehow relate with forum staff; every forum has its resident malcontents, after all.

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