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  1. Can barely sleep...next time someone wakes me up an hour before I should, it better be an actual emergency...

  2. Survived COVID, and it does make a difference; having been fully vaccinated and boosted, Corona-chan could only play with me for three days.

  3. So I had J&J August last year. Since then, AZ as first booster in December, followed by Pfizer just this July.
  4. AC/DC - Filthy Acts At A Reasonable Price Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  5. RIP Dunoo, half of the duo behind "Lakad Matatag."
  6. Does it really have to be just Jollibee vs. McDo? Because when it comes to burgers, I prefer BK; chicken? KFC. Granted, if fries are what we're looking at, I will recommend McDo, full stop.
  7. Is it possible to have the thread poll updated? I got J&J on the 3rd and it's not on the list.
  8. When I say "don't be a COVIDiot," I mean "don't be a COVIDiot." Seriously, I have family members who have COVID-19, one of them a 3-year-old, and were it not for the fact that they are active cases, I would like to hear two of them having a lively discussion with aforementioned COVIDiots.

    1. Nightwriter


      @SiPrinceAli I’d like to see that debate as well! I’m ready to get my booster shot for moderna next month and I can’t wait for the whole mask wearing to end! I can’t believe that there are people who are dumb enough to not read the statistics. 😡

    2. SiPrinceAli


      Or worse: people who subscribe to a constellation of conspiracy theories.

  9. Genius...Madness...only a thin red line separates the two, and we dance along it.
  10. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  11. J&J. One-and-done affair, and I get to properly joke about how getting vaccinated gives you superpowers akin to the Stand Arrow from JoJo: my first joke was that I was basically becoming Old Joseph Joestar. Started the morning after (August 4th) more or less down but not out, and as the day progressed I was feeling stronger.
  12. Queen - Bites the Dust Maybe going on a JoJo-referenced music binge wasn't such a good idea...
  13. I know what you mean; my primary coping mechanism involves copious amounts of video games. I'm an RTS nut, but there are times that even five hours of Company of Heroes just won't cut it for me.
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