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  1. Most of the woman will not tell you want they want or want they like, they will rather show you thru body movement and indirect statements. This is what makes woman special. Men should learn how to read their movement and minds or you will end up in a messy relationship. They love to be caressed, they love attentions and protections. Learn to be a one man woman or you will end up in multiple failed relationship.
  2. These are among my favorite Personal Wedding Song Lists: 1. You Are The Reason - Calum Scott 2. I Wanna Grow Old With You - Westlife 3. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri 4. I Belong to You - Jacob Lee 5. Perfect - Ed Sheeran
  3. Man are working too hard to send the first human to Mars. A full dream to establish a permanent human presence in Mars to uncover new scientific discoveries and lay a permanent foundation for private companies to build a community and economy in the red planet. It is only sad that we keep on seeking the areas above us, yet we forgot that there are still places in this planet that humans failed to visit like the vast ocean deep.
  4. New gadgets provide a much better technology, a much improve storage capacity, a much clearer image, better video quality and overall performance. We always hope that having a better gadget will somehow improves our life and overall prestige.
  5. Most of Filipinos leaving the Country with the high hope of having greener pasture and better life. Once they get tired and have enough money to survive, no matter what their age is, they will always seek a simple life back to where they came from.
  6. What's your profession? Let's start this New Year 2021 something to discuss Professional experiences. The purpose of which is to provide counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly or apart from expectation of other business gain. All types of profession are welcome to discuss that may help, assist and advise every one that needing information.
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