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  1. My personal Top 5: House of the Dead (1-4) Time Crisis Marvel vs Capcom series Soul Calibur And..yung crane game na may toy prize😂
  2. Seeing lots of pretty faces. And concerts. That includes the chaotic ride in moshpits. Exhausting but fun
  3. 2 capsules of activated charcoal. Ewan, seems to work fine naman
  4. If you're into dark ambient music, this suits you well
  5. LCHF + fasting. Say what they want on low-carb/keto diet, since the day I started doing that, I haven't felt so good with myself. No more bloating, irregular bowels, periodic hunger, and turtle-paced wound healing.
  6. Before, all I want is a job that I love, no matter how it pays me. But as years passed, I realized that passion alone cannot pay for my bills and groceries
  7. Not yet, but I'm starting on reaching my target goal in life, one step at a time. All I want is financial independence and self-sustainment, nothing more. I may have a stable job, but I can't rely on my salary my whole life. I want to spend more time for myself and atone for all the things I haven't done since my career phase. Besides, just recently, I became disillusioned with the politics of my workplace, with the addition of personal and family struggles.
  8. On way of life, capitalist On religion, apostate of the Roman Catholic Church
  9. Not really a fan of burgers, but if I have to choose, Raging Bull Burgers
  10. It may sound weird pero I loved reading some selective books in the Bible, particularly the Book of Revelations and some of those only available in the NIV. Intrigue? Maybe
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