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Found 10 results

  1. Sit properly, your body should be facing the table squarely. Elbows out, legs open not crossed. Your body should be open, ready to accept the goodness. Lean forward on every bite you do. Use both hands if it's eaten with bare hands, if it's eaten with utensils use spoon and fork. Eat the food while it's smoking hot, make sure you blow air to cool the food you're about to put into your mouth. Do not over fill your mouth. Smile after you swallow the first mouthful, and say your compliments. Short and simple praises is enough. Do not compare your wife's cooking to your mothers if your mother is a
  2. Leave all devices in another area of the house. Don't bring cellphones to the eating table. You can take pictures of food but make sure you don't place your cellphone nearby. Turn off the television, turn down loud music. No gadgets in the table. Sit beside your wife, not in front. Serve your wife first. Scoop the rice from the pot onto her plate, if this is the first time you're doing it inform her that you would like to serve her first. Smile. Then you scoop rice for yourself. During the meal, when your wife is not holding her spoon or fork, surprise her by holding your wife's wrist, a
  3. Be respectful to your wife. Speak using your lowest volume possible. If your in a loud place go near your wife to speak. Do not ever shout. You can only shout if it’s an emergency. Speak with your body facing your wife. Turn around to face her when you speak softly. Put down your cellphone, or lower your gadget when you speak.
  4. How to view your own profile page
  5. FleurDeLune Posted 28 May 2017 - 11:56 PM Let’s get back to basic, guys. Supposing you're not aware of any overture in the list yet. Or maybe if you're lucky enough, you did experience and surpassed any awkwardness, which might have resulted to undesirable savoir-faire, while you were still in the early stage of "getting-to- know" her / him. Having said that, I want you to share your experience in this thread (if there's any, that is). Thank you and have fun. It isn’t your imagination. We women don’t always tell you exactly what we want. Even though we won’t al
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